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this 3d printed chair is an innovative creation. It is durable and looks very exclusive.


The Diamond Chair

This design came about after years of inspiration.

We as designers want to distinguish ourselves in the field of sustainable and innovative materials.

We wanted to design a chair that distinguishes us from other designers.

The Diamond Chair owes its name to its brilliant shape.

We are unique in the world to create this shape.

What makes this chair so special, let’s list it for you.

The chair has the same external characteristics, such as a real brilliant cut as you recognize it on jewelery.

The chair will be made by a specially developed 3d printer.

We are going to use sustainable materials to make this chair.

The chair will be available in 4 colors including red, yellow, black and white.

In the near future we would like to have several collection points all over the world.

We will create a website, so that everyone can order a chair in the desired color.

Finally, we would like to thank you for your attention

Side view
Rear end
Top view