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Same Old Game – Brand New Board


The opening strategy of chess is usually to gain control of the centre four squares. Ask any General and they will tell you, control of the high ground is clearly an advantage. There you have it, 4Tier Chess.    

Registered Design No: 6033276 – 4Tier® is a registered Trade Mark

And while you battle your wits on the new chess board landscape with friends or foe, you will unwittingly benefit from the well documented attributes associated with playing chess.

The unique 2:1 stepped ratio (2″ square, 1″ step) of the 4Tier chess board allows intuitive play without obstruction, and an enhanced playing experience without altering any of the rules, moves or tactical variations to what is undoubtedly the best board game on earth. 

And fear not ‘flat boarders’ – From the top of the bottom tier, to the top of the top tier is only three inches. Step ladders are not required, and the game can still be played from the comfort of your own chair. There’s a slight distortion at first, but that soon passes. 

4Tier Chess Board “Original”

The 4Tier chess board will be available in three distinct colour combinations, Original (Black/Maple), Dominion (Black/White) and Metallica (Black/Grey).

A timeless design classic made from high quality ABS and weighing approximately 950g, each board features a unique solid brass “4Tier Chess” name plaque to reflect our brand quality and authenticity.

Traditional, themed or fashionable chess pieces look great on the new chess board landscape. Crafted to be visually appealing for both avid and fun players alike, 4Tier Chess makes a handsome decorative accessory for many interior designs, and is the go-to terrain to develop your game.  

4Tier Chess Board “Dominion”

4Tier Chess is a start-up with a purpose, whose aim is to manufacture and distribute an innovative chess board that offers chess players an alternative playing surface to the traditional flat chess board currently available.

With your support, we will coordinate the manufacture, marketing, selling and distribution of the new 4Tier chess board direct to end users via the company’s own e-commerce website and trading platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, and eBay; but not until after we have fulfilled your pledge rewards first.  

4Tier Chess Board “Metallica”

Please Note: Chess pieces in our promotional images are for illustration purposes only and are not supplied with the 4Tier chess board. 

If you are pledging a 4Tier chess board only option, we will let you know in plenty good time before your 4Tier chess board is delivered, when our armies of themed and fashionable chess pieces arrive and available for you to purchase from our on-line shop. 

Available In Five ‘Half Set’ Colours, Black, White, Ivory, Beige and Red

Royal Backers, We will contact you at the end of the campaign for you to select your “4Tier Royal” chess board style and colour of your chess pieces. Weighted plastic chess pieces will be available in five ‘half set’ colours with green felt bases.

Thank you to all our backers who’s financial support will help “Kickstart” the chess board revolution.