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A virtual reality gun that is compatible with most virtual reality headsets.


                                  X-IN-1 VR Gun

                                           X being the exciting unknown variable.

571CK is not just 1 gun, it can transform into an infinite amount of guns with many different functions.

571CK is a game controller that is compatible with most virtual reality headsets and connects to Windows and Android devices directly.

After the campaign is finished you will receive an email asking which VR headset adapter you require.

                                                     A List of compatible headsets. 

                                                                          Meta Quest

                                                                        Meta Quest 2

                                                                          Meta Rift S

                                                 HTC Vive(Cosmos, Focus 3, Pro Series)

                                                                          Valve Index

                                                                        HP Reverb G2

                                                                        Pico Neo 2/3

A 571CK immerses you in the action so that you can truly enjoy the experience. You’ll lose yourself in gameplay feeling the environment as you’re holding part of it.


                                                                 The Ro-ta-to button

This button can rotate continuously in either direction and can be pressed down! An excellent way to scroll through the menu wheel or zoom in your sniper.

                                                             The R and M buttons

Functional buttons for various actions during gameplay, placed at your fingertips for ease of use.

                                                          The Thumbstick

Used for movement and can be pressed down. Ergonomic placement so you can concentrate on gameplay.

                                                                The MD button

This has a variety of functions, but is primarily used to load a new magazine in the gun. To use it, hit it from the bottom. 

                                                          The Bi-directional Trigger

                There is a lot of power to your trigger finger, use it in both directions! 

                      Position is tracked, so every little movement reflects in the game.

                                                                The Sniper Knob

After zooming in with Rotato, you just fired a perfect shot over long distance right into the skull of your opponent. To reload, do what feels best, rotate the knob up, towards yourself and back into original position. Position is tracked, so every little movement reflects in game.

                                                                      The Front Grip

                          Location is tracked so that when you move it, you can see it. 

                         Position is tracked, so every little movement reflects in game.

AND anywhere along the slide, it can be locked in place by an internal mechanism.

                                                  The Controller Lock-in mechanism

Quick and simple is the name of the game! Locking in a controller is easy, taking it out is even easier!

                                                            The Adapter Lock-in

          As simple as it can be,  swap out the adapter if you get a new VR headset.

10% of people watching this video are left handed, so we’re also making a left handed version. This will be part of our post Kickstarter survey!

                                                            The Bundles

In effort to reduce waste and save you money, we are offering a bundle deal. You can receive one parcel of multiple 571CKs, meaning you and your crew can start on the same day!

                                                    For Developers & Artists

We’ll be providing tools and pre-made starter kits so you can simply plug and play without having to build from scratch. We’ll do all the work on our side so you can work on bringing your vision to life. Easy as a microwave meal.

Currently we’re planning on releasing developer kits supporting Unreal Engine and Unity. 

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Charmed yet?

                                                          The 571CK Arcade

If you’re a business and want to introduce Virtual Reality in your business, please visit LAB571.com/arcade and submit your details so we can get in touch.

571CK is to be used by gamers and gaming companies only. To discuss a business license please contact us through LAB571.com/contact-us

                                                              The 571CK1-Verse

Where community and gameplay meet. Both a social and gaming environment where like-minded people will battle shoulder to shoulder. Afterwards, enjoy the social aspects of the universe.

  • 1st 1000 orders will receive 12 months Premium Membership 
  • 2nd 1000 orders will receive 10 months Premium Membership 
  • 3rd 1000 orders will receive 8 months Premium Membership 
  • and so on.. 

As a backer you will receive a minimum of 2 months premium membership free. The earlier you order the more months you get!

We’re very excited to bring 571CK into the VR space.  In the coming months, we’ll be releasing a lot of content to get you excited for the arrival of your 571CK too.

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At LAB571 we’ll be right there playing with you. Learning, enjoying the game and working at the same time.

                                                           For Gaming streamers

If you’re streaming gameplay to your viewers, we’re building a solution for you. Your streamers can follow your avatar in battle, or even be next to you as a ghost on the battlefield. Narrowing the space between you and your followers.

Pesky Cheaters are a thing of the past, once they get caught they’re done. So many online games are ruined by cheaters but not any more, we’re taking a strong stance on this! 

More information on this will be released later!

                                                           The Batteries

To power the 571CK, 4 x AA batteries will be required. Batteries not included.

                                                      The Right-to-repair

We will build 571CK with the right to repair in mind. This is also part of our pledge to keep the earth green. 

                                                          About Delivery

June July Pre-production design

August November– production, testing, certifications

November December – packaging and shipment preparations

December January – shipping

We have a partner, equipped with 17 years of experience of production, in-house engineers and designers. They ready to go into full production once the campaign is finished.

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