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Start date
Nov 10, 2020
Close date
Jan 09, 2021

Delicious coffee roasted on the lighter side to embrace the floral and citrus notes.


Started this adventure almsot at the beginning of covid. Being home more meant more coffee and we went on the search for light/blonde roast in Edmonton. As we tested different local brands (and some chain store bands) of coffee we quickly realized light roast wasn’t other roasters priority. Not being able to find a light roast we wanted to commit to we began learning how to roast our own beans, then we fell head over heels in the art and science of roasting coffee. Now we are at the point that we want to grow and provide light roast coffee to not just friends and family, the funds will be going straight into that goal. To reach that gaol we need to invest in a larger cofffee roaster and afterburner, bean cooler, other food safe containers and tools, and finally need to upgrade to a shop with more space.