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Sep 26, 2020
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Nov 25, 2020

“A Little Bit Country” is a feature screenplay created to express the point of view of diversity.


After months of preparation and preproduction, I’ve finally gained the chance to present the opportunity of working towards actual production. So far, the grants I’ve received has been a great deal of help. However, I’m a bit short on funds to finalize producing the film. In advance, I would like to thank everyone that has been supportive.

A small town African American man, with a new found love for country line dancing is faced with battling his loyalty towards himself and his loved ones.


Darius, a small town educated African-American, moved back home to Ohio with intentions of living a simple life with his friends and family. He developed a change of scenario when a coworker/friend, Tucker, introduced him to work has quickly become his most exciting experience, country line dancing.Do you soon discover that his love for country line dancing starts to cause a rift between him, his girlfriend, and childhood friends. We also realize that boundaries needed to be said with his new friend as well dealing with race.

Darius had his group of friends gather in the VIP section at a regular nightclub. Although everything seem to be going well, he started to have a turn of experience when he was different by his girlfriend, Sherrie, for inviting his country friends and noticing him in cowboy attire. He was later confronted by his friend, Malcolm, when he overheard Tucker make an offensive joke and Darius allowed him to get away with it. Upon exiting the nightclub, Darius had an altercation with his country friends for stating that his character doesn’t match with the people he choose to hang out with and that they don’t think he’s black enough.

New spark the nation about a police brutality case. Darius heard the news and look to his childhood friends about how they should conduct a protest. Because of his background with his country friends and his view of their idea of protesting, his childhood friends, as well as Sherri, felt as if he was turning against them and wanted to protect everyone else. After having another disagreement with Tucker about his thoughts of the occurrence, Darius decided he should be completely alone.

One day, Darius decided to take a walk to a barn to ponder his thoughts and dance. Upon finishing his dance routine, he was approached by Cassie, a friend from the country bar. Darius expressed this to her how tired he was a feeling out of place because of things he enjoy doing. Although Cassie couldn’t understand what he was going through she agreed to have his back no matter what.

Darius decided to attend the protest, causing him to make up with his childhood friends. Afterwards, they’ve chosen to get a bite to eat and to catch up with each other. It was there that Darius decided to go back to dancing, make up with his country friends, and invite his friends to check it out. When he made it to the country bar, he was able to make up with everyone and also show his friends when he love the most, to dance.

Author’s Statement

A Little Bit Country was created to overall state the message that everything is not a race war. This story is based on my point of view of my personal experience. Because of my actual interest in country line dancing, I’ve developed a new source of connection and created unexpected experiences. Being a diverse individual, I’ve learned that different cultures doesn’t understand each other’s boundaries. My goal for this movie is to openly to my own story at another point of view.