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Chief Editor Ai Weiwei: the very important artist in China, a book of He Yunchang printed and delivered to your door.


This book will be the first important document of detailed study of He Yunchang. We hope that we can publish the book by crowdfunding to let people know more about this artist and support his creation. Thanks to the contribution of chief editor Ai Weiwei and responsible editor Cui Cancan, as well as some artists, such as Li Xianting Andrew Brewerton Gao Minglu, Nataline Colonnello, Yu Jian and Jonas Stampe, that we can make it happen. Herewith your support, we can show the artist and his artworks in the paper. 

Book Cover
  • Number of pages: 232 pages
  • Format: 210mm × 285mm
  • Language: Chinese and English bilingual 

zThis book took 4 years from planning to publishing.
In 2016, He Yunchang held a large-scale academic exhibition “Ah Chang” at Today Art Museum. This exhibition was the artist’s first comprehensive documentary academic exhibition held at a domestic art museum, spanning He Yunchang’s 20-year creative journey. Taking this exhibition as an opportunity, the artist invited Ai Weiwei as the chief editor and He Jianping as the designer to produce this bilingual album in Chinese and English. 

He Yunchang began to create performance art in the early 90s, because of the penetrating language and social criticism of his work, he become the most representative performance artist in Asia.

He was born in Yunnan in 1967, graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Yunnan Art Institute in 1991. Now lives and works in Beijing. Recent solo exhibitions include: “A CHANG” Today Art Museum(2016)、“Water Forming Stone” INK Gallery(2015)、“Worldly Fate — He Yunchang Works” White Box Art Center(2014). He held solo exhibitions in Britain, the United States, Belgium, Indonesia and other places. He has participated in “Chang Jiang International Photography and Video Biennale” ( 2014, 2017 ) 、Yokohama Triennial ( 2014 )、 “55th Venice Biennale” ( 2013 )、 “Guangzhou Triennial” ( 2012 )、 “Chengdu Biennale”( 2011 )、”10th Fukuoka Asian Art Triennial”( 2009 )、 “The Wall”— Reshaping Contemporary Chinese art(2005) 、 “Sharjah International Art Biennial” (2003)、“Pusan Biennale” (2002)、 “Fuck Off” (2000)、 “Guangzhou Biennial” (1992).

Content is bilingual English-Chinese.


2017 The Second Edition of Chang Jiang International Photography and Video Biennale, Gold Prize
2011 First Yan Wenliang Youth Art Award
2010 Golden Palm Award for Chinese Contemporary Art

2010 Reshaping History—From 2000 to 2009 Chinese Contemporary Art Awards
2005 Inward Gazes — Macao Museum of Modern Art, International Exchange Award for Performance Art
2002 Chinese Contemporary Art Award — CCAA
1999 The 9th National Art Exhibition Copper Award(Oil painting)
Works have been collected by National Art Museum of China, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, White Rabbit Art Museum, Kuntulan Art Museum, Pompidou Contemporary Art Museum, Macao Modern Art Museum , ER I EN Meyer Photography Foundation and other institutions and individuals.