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Start date
Nov 11, 2020
Close date
Jan 10, 2021

A horror game unlike anything you’ve ever played.


Hello my name is Jeremy Straughn. I am a horror fan and have been for nearly 20 years now. I have a creative mind and extensive knowledge of game development. As well as a team just as devoted. 

We are extremely excited about the game Abduction that was designed.

I have included the beginning of the story so you can get a feel for what it is like. 


Abduction is on another level. This is abduction. A brain from another dimension from 100 years in the past. It escaped its planet and landed on planet earth in our timeline begins abducting earthlings by removing their brains and taking the body as a way of being them to commit genocyde and start their peoples new lives. At one point you accidentally witness the brain abducting a victim.

The beginning sees you walking down a seemingly empty back road only to hear gunshots. A car speeds at about 100mph past you before you hear another gunshot and a tail light on the car shatters quickly another blowing the rear drivers side tire out. The car loses control and fucks a telephone pole up before erupting in flames and some old woman walks past with a shotgun fixed on the drivers door. She opens and shoots the driver before turning to you. As she turns to you it goes slow motion and 3 qte events. 1 qte to jump out of the way of the shotgun blast. You then run. 3 Qte in quick succession to keep from stumbling and  falling while running full speed. You run to someone’s door and pound on it. The old woman is not around as the person opens the door. But as you explain what you saw the old woman is maybe 50 feet from the porch on the right. You burst in with 3 last qte in quick succession. Inside you hear a dog walk by the house with its person. The old woman says something to the human with the dog. A scuffle starts followed by shotgun blast. Dog barking its head off runs away. You lock the door and begin searching for every way possible to seal the house off for safety. After covering all entrances and exits you sit down with the person and begin telling them what you saw. You keep hearing explosions or shotgun blasts, glass shattering etc. Just destruction from outside. Screams etc as well. You choose conversation direction and can actually discover something if you dig deep enough being question happy and intelligent. Such as someone may have seen something they didn’t see as odd like a cat running from a house. But they for a split second may have seen someone go inside but didn’t consciously acknowledge it.

It is being put together we just need your help with funding to cover any expenses as they arise.