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Dec 08, 2020
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Jan 07, 2021

Ace Paris is a French luxury house specializing in Luxury Luggage and leather goods


Hello World

My name is L, I’m the founder and designer of the fashion house Ace. I’m a young creator from french ghettos. Yeah there is ghettos in France, it’s called “Cité”.

Anyway… I want to create one of the biggest fashion house in the world, I want to beat the ass of Louis Vuitton and many others. For real I don’t really know why I’m writing it but I’m writing. Who knows? Maybe Ace will be famous after this message.

So, as founder and designer, I don’t have good grades at school.  For me, school is for people who meet certain criteria. School doesn’t teach you how to be happy. School doesn’t teach you how you can improve your talent. Personally, I’m from ghettos, my family is poor. I will be expulsed On April due to unpaid rent but it’s ok, I’m good. I don’t want people’s pity.

I hope one day I will be rich and allows my family to be comfortable. I have one talent. I’ve been working on it since I was 11 years old which is art, design etc.  I don’t know how I can describe it but I’m very comfortable with art and design. I know I can be one of the best fashion designer in the world, it the only thing that I know how to do.

So, if you have some Feed Back or anything Else send me dm on Instagram or Mail.

Goodbye World.

Let me show you the begining of Ace.

Yes, in the beginning I was very focused on ready-to-wear.

But little by little I focused on luggage and leather goods. I always keep in mind to do pret-a-porter, but later.

The more I design new Ace pieces, the more I improve and create new ideas.

Then, I even thought about collaborations with big public figures such as Cardi B.

And of course, a lot of other pieces for fashion addict.

We don’t just want to make our place in the world of fashion and luxury. We want to totally create a new luxury house of its time. A luxury house, based on the know-how of our craftsmen, in order to manufacture unique pieces with an irreproachable quality but also on the latest technology and a huge network presence.