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An unprecedented cube: tiles won’t turn color until they fit. Face the Unknown!


When you play with virtually any of the cubes out there, you always know where a facelet will fit just by looking at the cube. You may not know how to bring it there, but yellow goes on yellow.

For the past 2 years we’ve been working to create a unique, astonishing new cube that undermines this comfort. Are you ready to accept the challenge?

The Afterlife Cube is just blank.

There’s no way to know where each facelet will fit! The tile will light up only when it’s on the right face. 

That’s a whole new way to cube, which starts from fumbling around and ends up requiring a great cubing discipline, some centers orientation control, and quite a good memory.

Starting from its invention in 1974, the cube has been a great success among people of all ages, capturing minds and hearts.

Later on, dozens of new inventors tried to design new shapes and layouts around the traditional cube, and today’s the market is plenty of puzzles that go well beyond a cube: tetrahedra, dodecahedra, smart cubes, spheres, amorphous twisty puzzles… but at the end of the day they’re just multiple solutions of the same equation: yellow still goes on yellow!

What if it wasn’t the case anymore?

We spent 2 years imagining and designing the real next level, starting right from this principle: if you’re looking for a new challenge, it’s not a matter of new shapes. It’s a matter of a brand new cubing experience!

The AfterLife Cube brings you there: a whole new way to cube.

The Afterlife Cube is brought to you by MVented, an Italian startup focused on the development of innovative smart toys. 

Our team includes physicists, aeronautical engineers, designers, math enthusiasts. We spent the last fifteen years developing, manufacturing and selling high tech systems: we have the required technical expertise when it comes to putting electronics into smart devices.

We had to face many difficulties, at the limit of seeming impossible, but we always figured out a way to overcome the obstacle. The technology now is ready, and the prototypes work effectively and flawlessly. However, we still need your help to make it a cost effective product and mass produce it. This is why we’re on Kickstarter.

We wanted it breathtaking, and we think it is. We’d want it cheap too, but there’s a lot of complex electronic components inside. We can’t head to a lower target price, but we have a couple of gifts for you under our belts, ready to be released if there will be truly many of us.

Our funding goal is quite high, but we’re not a company ready to sell their product independently of Kickstarter. This is not a pre-sale. This is a true crowdfunding campaign, as we were used to.

Our funding goal is designed to let us cover the production line setup costs for the Afterlife Cube, which are ridiculously high. But, should there be truly many of us, allowing to reach and double our funding goal, we’d be able to offer a second level in the same cube to anybody wishing to pay a very little extra for it. A survey will be sent in case.

We’ll be even more than “so many” people? If we reach and triple our funding goal, the second level will be free and fitted as a standard in every cube! Moreover, every backer willing to pay a very little extra will get a third level too. Not truly, let’s call it a prequel! A normal cube, isn’t it?

Oh, you’re saying we’ll go even beyond?! Four times our funding goal?! Really? Ok, than the 3 games will be embedded as a standard for everyone with no extra cost. 

But really, my friend, you have to call all your friends to help us grow to the Moon here!

We’ll do our best to fit the schedule. However, the semiconductors crisis might affect our suppliers’ timing, and the worldwide logistics crisis might not help as well. 

We’ll keep you posted at every step. Really, at every single step we’ll take towards getting the Afterlife Cube into your hands.

International Backers: We will ship the Afterlife Cube worldwide via trackable courier. Please note that you may be responsible for duties, handling, fees and taxes applicable to your region.

Choices on the optional packages and shipment details will be selected by you in the survey that will be sent out shortly after the campaign ends. We’ll offer shipments with first class couriers only. Here’s the estimated shipping costs for the Afterlife Cube standard package, depending on your area:

10 to 15€ – Europe, US, Canada 

20 to 30€ – rest of the world

Our partner TheCubicle.com will directly take care of shipments to the US and Canada.

Thank you for being on this page, and scrolling to its end. It might mean a lot to us.

Oh, wanna find out more on how we got here? Any doubt? Feel free to write us, we’ll check every single message.

Here is our very first attempt to solve the first fully functional prototype… well done! It features all the levels, but note it is a prototype: it means that being a 3d-printed, hand soldered, manually assembled object there are some imperfections… but it is still perfectly playable! Not only, it’s GREAT FUN to play with it!

Full test – 3x speed:

Final part – actual speed: