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A personal AI Assistant that helps you avoid unsafe areas Worldwide by suggesting safe (re)routing alternatives.


Aiden is an AI that helps you avoid unsafe areas Worldwide by suggesting safe (re)routing alternatives.

 At Aiden, we know from experience, that personal security should be a big priority to all of us, whether it’s for your family or just yourself.

We believe that you should be able to check up on your destination (or current location) to see its safety profile, just like you would for weather and traffic.

So next time you go traveling or venture off the beaten track, bring Aiden with you and we will help you stay aware of crime around you. 

So what is Aiden?

Aiden is a digital assistant that consists of 2 paired devices: A physical Alarm and an iPhone App. 

– Paired together, Aiden will alert you, whenever you approach an area, that is considered unsafe.

You can also use Aiden as a GPS and navigate safely from A to B when driving, bicycling, or running. Helping you stay safe.  

Setting up and pairing Aiden is really Simple

Setting up only takes 1 minute, press and hold for 2 seconds to turn it on, follow instructions in App , enable Bluetooth (of off) and hold for 5 seconds to pair. 

App Awareness mode

After pairing device, you will see the Aiden Awareness mode. It scans your surroundings every 15 minutes and if the status changes, you will get an alert from Aiden and a notification from the App

GPS / Search Mode 

(Searching for a destination will typically give you  2-3 route-options, Risky (red), Less Risky (Yello)& Least Risky Route (Blue) We recommend always choosing the blue route by swiping the bottom card left. Follow directions like a regular GPS until you have arrived.   

“High-Risk” Route options

If you choose High-Risk Route, you will be prompted with a warning and an option to return to the previous route selections or continue, this is followed by a brief description of the issues the route might have.

 The Aiden App

The App for iOS is, as of June 2020 almost finished and developed (for now) exclusively for the iPhone, but we  expect to make it available for Android devices aswell by the end of 2020.

Signing up Aiden is also really simple.

Aiden is comprehensive and covers Cities, Regions & Countries Worldwide

By June 2020 Aiden has 3.5 million Crime-points and Polygons (Crime Zones) around the world, making Aiden VERY aware of areas considered Unsafe.

Coverage as of June 2020 


  •  USA: Los Angeles, Santa Monica, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Diego, Minneapolis, Seattle & Denver and many more cities added by end 2020
  •  Canada: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver
  •  Mexico: CDMX, Tijuana, Juarez, Monterrey, Cancun, Guadalajara, Ecatepec, Mexicali
  •  Brazil: Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro
  •  Argentina: Buenos Aires


  •  Australia: All major metropolitan areas


  •  South Africa: Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria

Middle East & Asia:

  •  Israel: All major metropolitan areas
  •  Afghanistan: Kabul
  •  Pakistan: Lahore, Islamabad
  •  Thailand: Bangkok
  •  Philippines: Manila, Cebu


  •  France: Paris, Lyon, Marseilles + Most major metropolitan areas
  •  Germany: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Essen + All major metropolitan areas
  •  Sweden: Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg + All major metropolitan areas
  •  Austria: Vienna, Salzburg
  •  Denmark: Copenhagen + most major metropolitan areas
  •  Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Valencia
  •  Portugal: Lisbon
  •  Greece: Athens
  •  Italy: Milan, Rome, Napoli

But Why is this service at all necessary?

in 2015, 764.499 people were victims of assault in the US alone, which are 764.499 too many,

The concept of staying aware of crime isn’t new. For centuries people have been keeping up to date with news on crime and today this is more relevant than ever. But overwhelming amount of Data from numerous news and social media outlets on crime,  makes it difficult for us to get unbiased and objective information and filter it for good use.

– Whether it’s an unsafe street in Downtown LA or a “less than safe” Barrio in Mexico City we probably got you covered.

So why is Data on crime  important when traveling?

When going on holiday, most travelers don’t check for crime-data when looking for Accommodation.  the usual search parameters are price, star-rating, quality (and proximity). The rest is, like Data on Crime, well… Really hard to find! The same goes for Real Estate, where price, quality, Proximity of key infrastructure such as Metro stations, Highways, Work & good schools.

We Strongly believe New personal safety micro-services like Aiden, can help you stay aware of unsafe areas at top travel destinations worldwide.


Aiden is 1.77 x 1.77 inches and communicates with the iPhone via Bluetooth, and after being paired with iPhone It functions as an alarm whenever you approach an area with a “less than safe” security profile. 


Timeline Aiden


We need your help to complete our journey.

Aiden has already been a long journey, starting with an ambition to create a map of areas in bigger cities where tourists were particularly exposed to crime. 

We have now spent 1000s of hours perfecting this service that now covers 20+ countries and helps you steer clear of areas that pose a risk.

Because we know, that getting home safely is the most important thing in the world.

Stay safe with Aiden

For more info and read the story behind Aiden visit us at www.getaiden.com


We are committed to providing our best service to our backers and offering 12 months limited warranty on all Aiden tags we sell.


We aim to have a flat shipping price to your destination. And We plan to start shipping in late December 2020.

So, then its free forever?!?

Well No, As a Kickstarter early backer, you will get free Access to the Aiden service for 2 years , then you can renew your membership for appx. 29USD a year to stay connected to our Aiden API. this covers the maintenance and upkeep of the API