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Graphene Infused Lifelong Washable Filter | Reduces 99.9% Micro-Organisms & 99% Chemical Toxins




Airdog X3 Intuitively dialed into the air purification needs of your living space, Airdog’s innovative filtration system eliminates waste and boosts the quality of the air you breathe.

Created by Silicon Valley Air Expert Inc., this is innovation at its best which puts an end to expensive disposable filter cartridges. ​


Airdog ensures that clean air is once again the norm rather than a luxury. Its 3 layers filters value equates to zero dollars in running cost whilst eliminating 99.9% of all micro-organismsAirdog also eliminates PM 2.5, formaldehyde & VOCs of all harmful toxins in the air at homes. Airdog represents an unbeatable combination – unrivaled performance, design, and technology, at a family-affordable price.  




Purifiers, at both ends of the price spectrum, all have high maintenance fees, generally costing over $500 on average every year. Whereas Airdog comes in at an impress $0 Running Cost, whilst being even more effective!

HEPA Filters dispose of the tiniest particles down to PM 0.3, whereas Airdog’s TPA®️ next-generation filter is 600% greater in the particles that it can filter.


Airdog’s patented TPA® technology TPA® Technology is the latest evolution in Air purifiers. It generates a high voltage electric field so that when micro-organisms pass through that electrified ionic field, they are instantly destroyed. Any remnants are then adsorbed by the collection plates.

The latest futuristic Graphene material, which is used in space technology, is at the heart of X3 and right at the leading edge of filtration technology.


the Graphene material enables the Collecting Plate superconductive, making X3 the most effective filtration system on the market whilst being 200% lighter! This is a first for air purifiers!

TPA®️ creates an Ionic Field that zaps all micro-organisms down to 0.0146µm (6 times smaller than other air purifiers). All these zapped wastes are sticks to the collecting plates like magnets.

X3 would not only capture, but actually eliminate micro-organisms, and with Airdog X3 we’ve achieved a filtration rate of 99.99% micro-organisms, 99.99% PM 2.5, 99.0% formaldehyde & VOCs, with the remaining particles being securely contained. 


The ionic field acts as a powerful magnet, attracting harmful particles, common allergens such as pollen, pet dander, and dust, and filtering them down to 0.0146 microns (6x smaller than other air purifiers’ filters). .35d2c1b15dd13bf2.gif

The most vital and expensive components of other air purifiers are the air filters and in order to remain effective, you need to replace these regularly which, in traditional purifiers can get very costly.  Airdog X3 is equipped with the World’s First Washable Filter that is easy to wash and fast to dryf6862683982dc3ecaf3547a9ea6c85f1.gif

It is even dishwasher safe!


The space-age properties of the Graphene material making X3 completely durable that perform consistently time after time.   

The X3 has little downtime even after washing the filters, the Graphene infused filter is Fast-drying that will dry within 20 minutes!

Data from professional, independent testing institutions


TPA®️ Filters purifying a much wider range than the traditional HEPA filter – from particles down to 0.0146 microns (microorganisms) to PM 2.5 (cigarette, exhaust, dust, pet danders), and bigger particles (pollen, pet hair)petri dish

HEPA-2.gifTPA®️ Filters purifying a much wider range than the traditional HEPA filter – from particles down to 0.0146 microns (microorganisms) to PM 2.5 (cigarette, exhaust, dust, pet danders), and bigger particles (pollen, pet hair).


AirdogX3’s TPA®️ filter works perfectly, even after thousands of hours of use as its CCM is rated highly as P4. CCM is the measurement of effectiveness, that describes how much dirt a filter is able to collect.

Over the lifetime of the unit, X3 will save over $500/year of the replacement cost of filters. Meanwhile, the X3 filter merely needs to be washed for it to continue operating effectively for thousands of hours at a maintained 99% effectiveness



Also powerful are the unit’s revolutionary turbine rotation fans that suck the dirt and blow out clean air in huge volume, even though the unit itself is far quieter and smaller. Once again Airdog X3 shows off its enhanced performance!.76df23c68051f84d.gif

Airdog’s advanced “3D Circulated Purification” fans are designed to distribute clean air to every corner of the room powerfully and consistently.d347c548d18f844c95907dce63f28f3a.gif

The super-compact, strong design of the fans makes the unit suitable for a space of 100-200 ft². In fact, it can even clean a 300 ft² living room in just 20 minutes! d65292b9c2a7acf9af9af64e685d3e3a.gif

Although Airdog X3 has a super-strong airflow system, it is super quiet! Apart from feeling the benefits of fresher air, you won’t even know it’s there.

Check out the Sleep Model to improve the quality of your sleep. It works at CADR 100 with almost no noise (UNDER 30 dB)!


Airdog X3 quietly takes care of you and your home, cleaning and purifying with its intelligent and intuitive space-age technology, all at the push of a button.  Airdog X3’s ambient light reminds you of the air quality whilst quietly getting on with purifying the air around you.


Household chemicals, airborne bacteria, and pollutants – all of which make us sneeze, irritate our airways, our skin, and sometimes cause more serious health conditions. Airdog X3 is filtering every harmful particle and micro allergen out of the air, taking them away from you and your loved ones. It also smells better as the high-tech filters remove annoying odors as well and it is just one button!

The complex process of air purification is made simple with the Airdog X3 user-friendly controls that operate digitally and remotely.

Whilst gently and consistently improving the air in your home or office, Airdog X3  keeps you informed of the status of the air around you throughout the entire day. Its smart data-storage function records important information so that you can control your environment with precision, adjusting it to suit your requirements.


It also acts as a night light with a body motion sensor so Airdog X3 will automatically turn lights off when you go to bed and turn lights on when you leave the bed to help you see in the dark. 



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  1. Height: 520 mm (20.5″)
  2. Width: 260 mm (12″)
  3. Power: 27W
  4. Voltage: 13V
  5. Weight: 11 lbs
  6. CADR: 200 m3/hr 
  7. Odor & VOC Filter: 1kg (2lb) of Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)
  8. Filter Life: Forever
  9. Connectivity: Wifi, Bluetooth, Over-The-Air Updates, iOS App, Android App.



Airdog X3 is the latest example of leading-edge technology from Silicon Valley Air Expert Inc. – a leading air purifier company. Founded by a group of technology experts and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, we are dedicated to developing innovative air purification solutions based on ionic wind technology.

Our Airdog air purifiers combine high-performance waste elimination with revolutionary disposable filter cartridges that are powerful and inexpensive. Airdog is silent, energy-efficient, and easy to use. It offers you clean air and is a green solution to purifying the air in your home.


Airdog was awarded by the German Design in 2017 and Korean Good Design.


Airdog cares about the air you breathe. We can’t control all the pollutants you encounter, in the likes of food, drinks, and household products, but we do know air! We want to draw your attention to:


  1. The emission from large vehicles – fossil fuels have become the world’s largest respiratory health risk. 
  2. The global flu pandemic which is airborne and a new health risk.
  3. Polluted air in our communities means that more than 80,000 families cannot breathe clean air on a daily basis.

We can’t control all our environments however we simply can’t ignore the quality of air in our homes. Smoking, odor, bacteria, mold, dander, chemicals all compromise our health. It’s time to pay attention and act! And now it’s easy with the worry-free air purifier that will keep the air you breathe clean and pure. Take control with Airdog X3!

The worry-free air purifier will keep you healthy forever. You need Airdog X3!