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A Simple hand-powered marble machine with infinite possibilities



AlgoLoop is a simple marble machine. By moving a tube up and down, a ball inside is propelled forwards. The ball can be moved around and around. 


Of course this alone is nothing too special.

But things get interesting when two or more loops are combined…


Intersection is the key.  One marble at an intersection will go diagonally, but when two marbles meet, they go parallel.


And this opens up a world of possibilities…


The pattern of movement depends on the starting positions of the marbles. Here are some examples of possible patterns, though there are countless more waiting to be found.


What makes AlgoLoop different from other marble machines is that the movement of the balls in the loop is not determined by chance, but by a logical procedure. As long as you operate the device correctly, the marbles will move with 100% certainty.

This is why this device is called “AlgoLoop” (Algorithm + Loop).



For the AlgoLoop to work, every separate part had to be perfect. I went through countless designs to find the right size and weight of the balls, the right angle of inclination and the right position of the parts until finally I found the answer.


Out of several possible forms, I’ve settled on three types: 1-Loop, 2-Loop, and 4-Loop. All are unique, and all have their own charm.


I also experimented with many different materials, taking into account the appearance, feel, sound and accuracy of the action. Here is what I went with:


The wood looks and feels great, has a warmth to it and makes a very pleasant sound when the ball rolls.


The plastic version allows for many different color variations.


Clear Plastic makes the marbles inside look great, especially when combined with the lighting.


Like most devices based on mathematics, AlgoLoop has a natural, functional, logical beauty. As well as being a fun toy, it also brightens up any room.


What are the benefits ?

The emotions brought about by the AlgoLoop are very similar to those experienced while juggling, albeit far easier. The more skilled you become, the faster and longer you will be able to keep the balls moving accurately. This is a kind of “skill toy” that gives people, especially kids, a sense of accomplishment as they improve.


In addition, the sound of moving the AlgoLoop is a pleasant stimulus for the brain. It has a calming effect on the mind and helps to improve concentration. It’s also small enough that you can keep it next to your desk to provide exercise for your hands.


The AlgoLoop is also great as a party game. You can compete to see who can move a certain pattern faster and more accurately, or you can have everyone create one beautiful pattern.


The AlgoLoop can help bring out your creative side. Use your imagination to create something new.


Finally, the AlgoLoop is also an amazing mathematical teaching tool. Seeing how the initial conditions can affect the end result is a great way to learn programming, and there is no greater pleasure than finding beautiful patterns that you’ve worked out yourself.


In a nutshell, it’s a recreation, meditation and education—all in one.



When you choose any rewards including plastic products, you can choose from a range of colors (including clear plastic)



AlgoLoop started as a personal challenge to make a tiny manually-operated marble machine.


The first prototype, made with a 3D printer, was very simple indeed, just a marble going around in a single loop. 


The mathematician in me wanted to explore a simple idea: what would happen if more than two machines were combined? The result was more than I could have imagined. The movement of the marbles created a beautiful geometric pattern, as if you were looking into a kaleidoscope.This was the moment when a simple marble machine turned into a piece of kinetic art.


After sharing it on social media, I was blown away by the response. As of today, that video has been viewed over 1.2 million times worldwide. It quickly became apparent that this was a project with widespread appeal.


From there I launched my brand “IDEA IKEDA”. AlgoLoop is my first official product.Of my many other ideas, one project that’s in the pipeline is my piece “Open-Closed”.

これを期に私は自分のブランド「IDEA IKEDA」を作ることを決めました。アルゴループはこのブランドの最初の製品ということになります。僕の中には他にも実現したいさまざまなアイデアがあります。これまたネットで評判となった「Open-Closed」の看板もその一つです。

I need your support to make these ideas a reality. 



– May 2020 : Design Algoloop

– June 2020 : Start Prototypes with 3D Printer (became viral on twitter !)

– July 2020 : Re-Design

– August 2020 : Outsource Team  (Designer, Marketing, Outsourcing)

– September 2020 : Outsource Production (Machine and Materials)

– October 2020 : Prepare for Kickstarter Campaign

– November 2020 : Launch on kickstarter and prepare for mass production

– December 2020 :  Prepare toolings and moldings

– January 2021 : Start Production and prepare for quality control

– May 2021 : Start Shipping

About the creator

My name is Yosuke Ikeda, and I’m a mathematician, performer, and creator from Japan. When I’m not creating, inventing or tinkering, I run lectures and workshops for other artists. I have also published several non-fiction books for high school students.

Learn more about me here:

Website : https://www.yosuke-ikeda.com/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/IkedaYosuke630