$1 raised out of $69,000

We released our new album on April. We need help to make new 3 more music videos, tour and 2nd new album recordings.


We’re a new rock band from Los Angeles. We play alternative rock, grunge, indie rock and funk rock. We work so hard and spend all of our money on our music projects but it’s not enough to be mainstreem band or something. We need your help to get there. We play to share love and happiness with people. It’s all our passion that we do our best for it. We released our new album ”To the Sky” and released two music videos. And now we plan to make three more music videos to promote the album we released and tour around US and some other countires. Then we plan to start 2nd new album recordings that we have a lot of favorite songs there that, it can be a successful project. Thank you so much for your helping and we love you all