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American Maroon is the latest documentary series from filmmaker Tariq Nasheed


American Maroon is a new documentary film series by critically acclaimed filmmaker Tariq Nasheed. This film presents the untold history of Foundational Black American rebellions and maroon colonies that existed during the antebellum slavery period in America.

American Maroon will be featured on the new FBA Stream service, and this streaming service will feature several other provocative film titles.

 The film, which is a four part mini-series, also goes in depth about the Seminole Wars, which was really a large scale slave rebellion that involved Foundational Black Americans.

The director of American maroon, Tariq Nasheed, has also produced several other popular documentary films, such as the Hidden Colors series, 1804: The Hidden History of Haiti, and Buck Breaking.

Funds raised for this project will go into editing and promoting the film on different media platforms.