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Dec 01, 2020
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Jan 31, 2021

Bathe in the new light!


Synopsis of the Scripture

And The Neon Gods is an acid western thriller that follows Jude, a young man who is in a small religious group with his boyfriend, Matty. They follow a leader who calls himself Messiah. Messiah speaks of an oncoming apocalypse caused by the sins of humanity. The group, which is truly a cult, plans a series of rituals before a trek across the desert of west Texas to help stop the chaos Messiah prophesied. On the last night before the pilgrimage Messiah slits Matty’s throat and Jude is sent into a frenzy. What follows is a hazy psychedelic chase across the desert as Jude tries to reckon with his past all while facing the desert. He encounters strange people who propel him deeper and deeper into the vastness. Will Jude escape the omnipresent grasp of Messiah.


The Story of Our Disciples

  • We are early career artists who come from all over the country. We are alum and current students of schools like University of Houston, Boston University, Webster University, New York University and so many more!
  • We are experienced in different facets in theatre (which will give a unique spin to the movie) and film.
  • We have a team that is creative and scrappy and would figure out how to make this movie with no budget! But a budget helps takes the film to the next level.
  • Our team is still growing! Your contributions will help support this team! Whether it’s logistical needs or artistic needs, your help means everything!


Our Holy Ask and Your Grand Blessings

We are looking to raise $60,000 through crowdfunding.

  • This will help pay cast and crew, house them, feed them, and transport them! We would shoot this movie on an iPhone before not caring for our team.
  • That being said, more expensive equipment does usually mean nicer equipment (at least in the world of film). Sadly, cameras and lights and microphones and plenty of other gear are not cheap.
  • We have a lot of awesome perks from contributor credits to t-shirts  to posters and plenty of other things! Check em out!
  • If we don’t reach our goal we will prioritize taking care of the people working on the movie before worrying about equipment. (We are avidly applying to grants to help supplement any extra costs!)


The Impact of Our Pilgrimage

  • Of course we are asking for money to make a movie, but there is so much more we are trying to achieve.
  • You would be supporting early career artists break into an extremely exclusive industry.
  • 70% of the roles will go to BIPOC actors! We want to give underrepresented actors a safe and comfortable place to show their talent.
  • We have a vision for a film that is highly stylized and highly energetic. This film could inspire people in new ways.


Obstacles of our Salvation

  • Movies are not cheap! Just taking care of our team is a big overhaul, but adding equipment and materials to that really makes it a challenge.
  • Our team is resourceful, smart, and used to working with limited budgets. We think of things in the most efficient way possible.
  • We are extremely dedicated to this project. We will make $1000 work if we have to. (Let’s hope we don’t!)


Spread the Faith

We understand that not everyone can donate! Sharing this campaign with friends and family is super helpful! Or post it on any and all social media! Thanks so much!