$1 raised out of $60,000

Animendations is a mobile app recommendation engine that connects anime lovers with their next new favorite anime.


We’re a group of friends that love anime and everything nerdy. We call ourselves MORCQ (the “Q” is silent); and between the five of us, we want to give something back to the anime community. We participate in everything from watching anime, attending conventions, having anime viewing parties, cosplay and everything ANIME.

We realized there are a lot of sites out there used for discussing anime recommendations but there was no app specifically for this task. Everyone is on the go and the one thing they always have with them is their phone; so, we came up with an idea. Anime + Phone + Finding your next Waifu = Animendations!

In all seriousness, we want to minimize the time it takes to find a new great anime. The one that you watch, look forward to every episode, connect with characters and hate but love to see the story come to an end. We’re anime fans just like you!

Anime is what brought us together as friends and I’m sure the same is true for you and others. This is our gift and opus to the anime community and we hope to keep making the app better with every new release. Thank you all for your support and downloading our app!