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Nov 15, 2020
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Dec 15, 2020

Let’s create a cute aquarium for the public. Visit the aquatic fair to buy more fish for your collection.


Aqua Garden is a game for 1-4 players. Create your own original aquarium.

・There is a Timed turn-track and a Placement puzzle to solve on the Aquarium board. Rondel system

・There are 17 types of Printed Wooden pieces

This game include 144 wooden piece

・Beautiful artwork by Beppu Sai & Urabe Rocinante

・You can create an Attractive Aquarium board at the end of the game

A completed aquarium at the end of a game

・A system that makes you want to play many times

・More strategic advanced rules

・Strongly inspired by Heaven and Ale

Unlock more cute wooden tokens by sharing our project. You can check out the Social Goals for more details. We are pretty new to using facebook and instagram. We hope we can share more of our designs with the world.

1. Comes with a Kickstarter-only round marker. Also the Outdoor Expansion is Exclusive to Kickstarter! 

 2.You get 31% off for $ 45(MSRP$65)

On your turn, place your piece on the time-tracker gallery board.

The turn always begins with the player that is last in the row.

Depending on the space you stop on, you can get fish or ads. 

The ads are funded by the number of fish on your Aquarium board.

Once you have acquired a fish piece, you place it in a tank on your personal board. There are six tanks, and you can only place them in the tank near the employee. 

Also, some of the fishes have conditions for placement.

Small fish form a school and turtles love seaweed
Small fish and turtles are afraid of sharks
The fish tank has a size limit. Be careful not to overfill the tank!

With the money you earn, you can buy marine fish, seaweed and coral for a better aquarium. 

The player who collects sets in each tank and gets the most points, wins!

Let’s make an aquarium that is more beautiful than anyone else’s!

The Outdoor Expansion include

  • 4 types of fish piece
  • 4 types of Outdoor card
  • 4× Advance fish ( jellyfish )
  • 1×Advance card
  • Outdoor Rule

These generate income for each round, special abilities, and game replayability.

This expansion is Kickstarter Exclusive!

About $180 pledge, One of your favorite fish will be drawn by our illustrator and sent as a 50pcs Original wooden piece

These are available as pieces for advanced rules in the game.

Correction:You can write your own original effects and play the game.If you  have some interesting effects、please add it to the BGG page!

  •  $14,500  Project Success!
  •  $30,000 Coins will have a silk printed image.
  •  $45,000 Matte finish for the rulebook.
  •  $60,000 All cards Embossed.
  •  $75,000 1×The Arctic + Penguin Expansion Rule.

( All backers and the Standard Pledge and higher will get our past game.You can mix the pieces of this game with Aqua Garden and play!)

The arctic is an abstract game by the same team. Comes with rules to mix these pieces with Aqua Garden and play. MSRP $28
  •  $90,000 Milestone tokens will have an original shape.
  •  $105,000 Add one Advance Fish (Kickstarter Exclusive)
  •  $120,000 An illustration will be printed inside the box.
  •  $135,000 The Owner & Employee meeples will have silk printing.
  •  $150,000 The milestone wooden tokens will have silk printing.

Each time one of the following is achieved, one type of Advance piece Expansion will be added.

If you want to back from other countries, please feel free to message us. I’ll look it up and add it soon.

We are looking for Distributor and  Retailers

Please feel free to contact me.

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Age of Hunting is workerplacement & removement Game.2-5players,60-90minutes
The Arctic is Abstract & carddraft Game. 2players,30minutes