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Jan 22, 2021

Everything that exists and that doesn’t, can only be found in one place, and that place is beyond the magical barriers of Erevorht.


  • Reward system when leveling up
  • Weapon skill system

Player profile display system

  • Colosseum ranking
  • Completed / Failed / Pending missions
  • Rewards obtained (Season, coliseums, tournaments)
  • Total gold obtained

Initially there is only one species.

  • Humans

3 more species are attached, which will form at this point the 4 factions of Arcadia

  • Elves
  • Dwarfs
  • Devilking’s

Each species has:

  • Unique objects
  • Unique skills
  • Unique buildings

Each faction has a total of 4 species, there are currently 18 species.

Opening of predefined land for construction (Anything can be built, if the requirements are met)

  • The objects within the structure have a fixed cost in the game markets or in the integrated store; In addition, they can be manufactured by the players.

High-level enemies drop objects randomly and also platinum coins.

Consecutive kill experience activates an experience booster

Sponsors have access to:

  • Requiem: Citadel of the Dead
  • The city of silver: a specific city for those who reach level 100, have a noble title, and have not died.
  • Large libraries: 7 libraries accessed by those who have the title of “scribe” (Libraries keep secrets)

Selective training system, you can select the specific tutorial.

Early opening:

1. Faction Tournaments

2. Individual tournaments

3. Group tournaments

4. Guild tournaments

5. Colosseums:

  • Classification
  • Individual
  • 2 vs 2
  • 3 vs 3
  • 5 vs 5

Emblem of the founders, armor of the founders (Mythical items, for sponsors only)

System opening: Guilds & Alliances, a low cost is determined in gold coins for the creation of a guild (It also pays taxes), and in platinum coins to form an alliance of guilds.

Guild block: when creating a guild, you access a door in the Guild building of the city, which transports all the members of this to a specific space where the guild buildings are (The specific space is an island)

There are also buildings for guilds, which are purchased directly in the Guilds & Alliances building, it is purchased with Arcadia coins

  • Familiar Patch Early Release (Includes Rank I Familiars Only)

The familiars are manageable by the players, that is, the players can choose the shape of their familiar, and control it.

  • Opening of the game mode: “Battlefield”, in this the players will be able to control more than 120 units in personalized skirmishes (Access to all units of the game), said skirmishes can only be carried out with the members of the “Battlefield”. battle”
  • Opening of the transport gates (Ancestral Gates), are the great magic gates set up by all the great capitals, which allow moving from capital to capital without using jump crystals.
  • New object: Jump crystals, they allow you to travel long distances, have a low cost, and also transport the player’s troops; the crystals transport the players to the specific city of the crystal *does not apply to cities of enemy factions, or cities of enemy guilds*

Game mode: “Campaign”

This new mode is divided into a specific campaign for each faction (The player can access all of them); Story mode tells through an almost linear adventure the creation of the great wall of Erevorth. [Offline]

  • Opening of 8 regional servers at the alpha release of the game (Europe [Africa is attached to Europe], North America, Latin America, Asia, Australia, Japan, China, and Korea)

The users of the test server (Beta), can continue in it, or migrate with their accounts to the respective regions (Migrating generates additional costs in the launch of the game; when migrating they will be sent to the specific city of the species [faction to the which belongs] objects that cannot migrate, will be refunded in components, or in gold coins.)

Regarding the purchase possibilities, we set individual prices for the following things, or game objects:

  • Custom Appearance – Qty 10
  • Unique Avatar – Qty 20
  • Custom NPC – Qty 15
  • Unique Pet – Qty 10
  • Custom Pet – Qty 2
  • Custom Item – Qty 2
  • Custom build – Qty 5
  • Custom city – Qty 1
  • Alpha access 1st date – Qty 50
  • Digital art book – Qty 20
  • Digital history book – Qty 20
  • 800 Platinum Coins – Qty 10
  • Arcadia 300 Coins – Qty 1
  • Arcadia Unique Language Access – Qty 10
  • Book “the Arcadia secrets” – Qty 2
  • Unique Actions (Customized by Sponsor) – Qty 5
  • Unique avatar + player voice for interactions (sponsor voice). – Qty 5
  • Unique weapon (Stats not included) – Qty 5
  • Custom unit (Archery, cavalry, infantry, escort) [Only one] – Qty 5
  • Unique unit – Qty 1

Greetings Arcadia creatures, elves, dwarves, humans, and other creatures, everyone is welcome; and may the centuries of peace that lie deep in ruin never end, even with the beginning of the dark ages. Limits do not exist in your imagination, and Arcadia is built by your daily actions; It doesn’t matter which faction you belong to, as long as the war itself doesn’t exist, all creatures are free.

Explore, navigate, run, climb; because the challenge that the founders offer, is to explore and find the crown that makes any creature, the legitimate heir to the kingdom behind the wall of Erevorth.

In this game presentation, you will be able to do whatever you can imagine; Given our development style, our game not only focuses on third person mechanics, changing the camera to first person, directing troops, or playing alone; Conquer entire cities or kingdoms, everything you can imagine, you can do inside Arcadia.

We wait for you, we hope we can count on you, to fight when the darkness rises.

When we started the development of Arcadia, when the GDD (Game Design Document) was just being organized, we found that certain problems, the first among them, was that we did not want to focus Arcadia on a simple strategy game, we wanted to focus on a multiplayer game, of strategy in real time, but that, in turn, the role of our players was also important.

When we established the first mechanics, we included certain essential points of use in the game, such as activating doors, buildings; mix with the NPCs, modes that are probably only found in first-person games, be they adventure or shooting; Likewise, when controlling artifacts, units, and even garrisons, we did not want to focus so much on one more RTS on the list, for this, we determined that the collective use of units, artifacts and the establishment of groups, guilds and alliances were important. when it comes to conquering cities.

Raising the difficulties, and balancing the game, so that the users who invest the most their money are not extremely far from the basic access players, was also part of our plan and ideal of fair and innovative gaming. In the process of writing the game, when we raise it completely, we question ourselves, about what we should offer, and how to do it; there, our answer was, let’s do something we might like too.

It was then, when we decided to design a game that was outside the common statistics, it was then, when we decided to modify the game modalities, adjust them to the tastes of all our future players, it was then that we objectively described the “Arenas & Coliseums”.

We have a clear vision for each season in Arcadia, each of them has a name referring to a new mechanic within the game, and thus not only the mechanics will grow, but also the species or races of the world, and the world of Arcadia will grow with each update.

Born in Arcadia to defend it from darkness, you will become a hero in the world, or you will be the one to destroy it; defend or destroy, conquer or appease, it is you who chooses how to fight, and who you will be.

Arcadia is in an unusual peace, under the ignorance of everything that is hidden in the dark; the great wall of Erevroth, which separates the world may be unstable, the pillars of light erected by the ancient god Solaris the lord of light, those pillars that drive the darkness away from Nord and separate Arcadia from the rest of the continent; must be defended or destroyed, for a new era to come to the world, and you have the destiny to choose whether to defend peace or participate with darkness in the era of chaos.

Arcadia: The Awaken, will maintain the balance between a game in the first person and one in the third person; This since its varied mechanics will allow users a greater gaming experience, in addition to that, the introduction of Assasins Creed mechanics makes Arcadia a wide game world, and therefore generates a complete envelope.

Chronologically, the game is oriented in a fantastic world, where depending on the time 16 different races intervene, a mutual hatred between them, in addition to that, we will have mechanics from the well-known Total War game saga, combined in a massive multiplayer, where participation of each species is important.

Arcadia is a semi-continent, formed by 7 kingdoms belonging to the four emblematic factions of the same, which prevents Arcadia from being a continent, it is the great wall south of Nord, the wall of Erevroth which was erected by the ancient community from kingdoms north of Solaria, those who used to be the last kingdoms of great magicians and sorcerers; They separated the world with great walls and barriers of light created by Solaris, darkness, and the horrors of the night are kept separate behind the walls. 

Within the vast world of Arcadia, you can find more than 76 cities (Fortresses, citadels, naval cities, and capitals), more than 100 villages and towns; that make up the seven great human kingdoms (First version of the game, out of the goal, after the goal, the nations will change to the second stage of arcadia, 15 kingdoms [7 humans, 3 dwarves, 2 elves, 2 Orcs, and 1 Devilking ], which in turn means the enlargement of the world.). In Arcadia you can find a world of dungeons and labyrinths, of secrets and mysteries, of mythical and legendary weapons; a world waiting to be explored.

To see our gallery, visit the following link: Gallery

We will show some images of what awaits you inside Arcadia, from the infantry units, to the enemies; We clarify in advance, that it will be shown merely conceptual art.

In addition, we work on an algorithm that allows the greatest possible interaction between players and units, in addition to establishing better interactions between the AI itself (For this, it is necessary to hire trained and specialized personnel; since we want to deliver the best possible environment within Arcadia.)

Updates regarding NPCs are published within our website and our Facebook page (Links at the end)

History: Arcadia will offer a deep and open narrative, which will grow as the game acquires updates, in addition to that, each object, person or unit within the game has a story to tell, and the more you know, the more mysteries you can find.

Multiplayer: We not only offer an Arcadia full of challenges and players, full of adventure and challenges; We also offer you a list of game modes:

  •  Practical arena: PvP, TvT (2v2, 3v3, 5v5, 15v15, 30v30, 50v50)–  Practice arenas are defined as engagements either between players or between groups of them; the practices are of the existing modalities.
  •  Arena combat: PvP, TvT (2v2, 3v3, 5v5, 15v15, 30v30, 50v50)– These arenas are specific, where players bet an amount of money or a territory; the rules are simple the last group standing wins; Furthermore, the arenas have specific sizes and there is an audience permit, which means that each type of group has a defined size and maps, which also have the possibility of spectators.
  •  Arena Coliseum: PvP – The Coliseum arenas, function as a player competition, where each player will have to win 16 matches to reach the Coliseum final, it also works as a Coliseum practice.
  •  Arena royal (1st place extra bonus) 50p – A large arena with 50 different entrances, where 50 players will face death, the price per play is 10 silver coins per player, the winner or the last survivor, will win the 500 silver coins, in addition to showing the achievement of “Survivor”
  •  Arena conquers (extra bonus 1st place) 4 team 10p – Here, the players face each other in teams of 10, where they will have to eliminate the enemy players a certain amount of times, exactly the team that achieves 400 kills, or that manages to destroy the enemy base, wins.
  •  Arena capture (1st place bonus) 2 team 20 p – Two teams face off in an arena, the objective, capture the enemy flag, and bring it to its base; victory is achieved with the winner of 3 rounds.
  •  Colosseum: PvP player ranking – Each player will face a new one, and each victory will give her points and ranking experience, the best player is the one who manages not only to survive the Colosseum, but also the one who acquires the most victories. – It differs from the Arena coliseum, as it is random battles and is a single combat.
  •  Conquer towns, cities, citadels, fortresses, kingdoms, etc. – It is not specifically a game mode, it is more one of the mechanics of the game, where players forming groups, clans, guilds, or alliances, manage to conquer cities within the game, which gives part of the experience of military rank, and if you are the owner of a territory, it increases the noble experience.
  •  Skirmishes (includes PvP – PK combat) – Scheduled and unscheduled battles between players, that is, battles that are fought in spaces established by the players, here, the players have complete freedom to manage their own army.
  • Masmorras

Skills: The skills are not the player’s, but the weapons they possess, each weapon or unique object has a specific ability, however, there is also the skill tree for each tier of objects; the only ones that possess unique abilities are the highest ranked items in the game, and those that require a higher level of authority control.

Ancestor Workshop: Ancestor workshops are designed for players to learn to properly manipulate their weapons, in addition to improving control of their skills and troops. Basically, it’s like having the tutorial and completing missions for rewards, in this way we are committed to maintaining the balance in terms of developing the player’s skills.

Special events: There are several events and special dates of the year, therefore, Arcadia does not want to be left behind, and for that, we have objectively planned each of the dates that we will celebrate, we are committed to making the gaming experience of our community one of the best.

Weather: The game has 4 seasons, a complete cycle of day and night, in addition to that, we are developing a random rain algorithm throughout the continent, which will be limited to designated spaces, and will make the skies of Arcadia also darken .

Animals: There are many different animals in the game world. Depending on the time of day, the weather, and the season, different animals will appear.

According to our planning, and if our budget allows, Arcadia: The Awaken, will be released on June 24, 2022 in its first test version, where we will test the essential mechanics while the production of the game continues, in addition to Therefore. , it was established that on September 24, 2022 the second trial version will be delivered, and on November 24, 2022, its third and last date of access to the trial version will be delivered, dates designated for Kickstarter sponsors. We have designated 3 prior access sale dates which are July 24, 2022, October 24, 2022 and December 24, 2022, with access quotas of 20,000, 40,000 and 30,000, respectively; that will begin the same day of purchase. And the full delivery of the game through the Epic Store servers on January 28, 2023.

The above is the schedule specified by the development study, once the goal of greater financing is met, we commit to deliver a service with our own servers without depending on a download store.

“Our commitment now is to our sponsors and to future members of the community.” Emerson Martinez, CEO of ARC Studio

The first lights: Click Here

The lights of dawn: Click Here

Lights in the night: Click Here

Green elven forests: Click Here

Green, elven gardens: Click Here

Green, elven mountains: Click Here

Yellow, dwarf caves: Click Here

Yellow, dwarf buildings: Click Here

Yellow, dwarf ruins: Click Here

Red, demonic hell: Click Here

Red, Moria Mountains: Click Here

Blue, Nord waterfalls: Click Here

White, ArK: Click Here

For more information, click: Terms of conditions

Here you will find every detail of our packages and their content, in addition to a brief description.

Why we need your help

We are a small studio, so we never have enough funds; besides that we are not a recognized study. But, the reason why we do this Kickstarter is because there are several functions that require more specialized attention, and since, being our first game, we want to deliver a game that is more than a simple game, we want our users, Administrators, moderators, and other members of the community, feel that Arcadia is a place free from prejudice, a home and a refuge for all those who enjoy medieval games.

Since we are talking about a massively multiplayer online game, which in addition to that, has RTS, RPG mechanics, and some of the aforementioned Battle Arena modes.

We list the specific functions that require attention:

Our first problem is the Arenas, since we need to adjust the arenas in their different capacities, we already mentioned that the combat arenas are specified by their function and their player capacity. We require hiring developers to adjust these specifications within the engine, thereby increasing our development expenses.

Another of our problems to handle is the dynamic balance of the game, we do tests to improve the performance of the mechanics; We do these tests with a robot; however, we still haven’t been able to properly configure the game controls, by not generating an optimal interface, the controls are also impaired. To solve it, we must focus on a mixed team of developers and designers, for the adjustment of the user interface and the balance of the controls.

Another problem to solve is the player’s market, the black market, and the game store; Focusing on solving these price balance problems requires time, since the market can be saturated with information, we do our best to configure the market and the internal installations of the game, since the game markets have their own buildings, and saturate the buildings with players, it would make game aesthetics and unactivated collisions a problem; however, this problem can be fixed during the beta scan stage.

In general, we have funds to continue with the development of arcadia with a minimum group like the current one for 6 more months; however, to finish the game we require new funds, and to increase our team.

If the Kickstarter were to be missing, we would be forced to cancel various modes of the game, which would cause a complete loss in the mechanics and feel of the game.

About ARC Studio

ARC Studio is an independent development studio based in Bogotá – Colombia, with a current team of 7 people, of which one is in Mexico, one in Guatemala, and 5 in Colombia. Currently, most of the team members are students in their final years in design or development.

You can contact us by sending an email to: blackwood031@gmail.com

You can visit the game site: ArcStudio.com

You can follow us on Facebook: ArcStudio

ARC Studio is looking for new members.

Important information

For more information, please go to our website, there you will find the current publication with more content, in addition to its translations in: Spanish, English, French, and German

Full version in English – more description and gallery

Version complète en français – plus de description et galerie

Vollversion in Deutsch – mehr Beschreibung und Galerie

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