$204 raised out of $3,760,100

We are building the largest tiny house community in the world in Southern California.



We, the Saat family have spent every day for over a year to build the Devasa! A tiny home on wheels where the roof and side walls rise when parked. Creating a whole second floor!

Below is a time-laps of the whole process of us building the Devasa. 

When we finally finished building the Davasa in 2018, we were ready to sell it. We invited our friends, family and anyone who wanted to see it.

Everyone loved it! We had some offers, but they could only buy the Devasa if they found a place to park it. It seems many tiny home lovers have this problem. There aren’t enough tiny house friendly places to park and live.

Why Are We on Kickstarter? 

We support tiny house living 100%. Living in a tiny home on wheels you have the minimalistic life style, a more eco friendly way to live, aaaand you keep more money in your pocket. You live a richer life! 

That is why we want to build a tiny home on wheels community. Well, not just any tiny home community- the largest one in the world! It will be called the Ark Tiny Home Community

My son, daughter and I are ecstatic for this project. We invite you to join us on this journey.

How Much We are Asking for and Information About the Land:

We need $3,760,100 to make this happen. The land will be in Lucerne Valley California. It’s an hour and a half drive to Los Angeles, and two and a half hours from Las Vegas. There will be around 80 acres. 600 tiny homes on wheels can park and live there. We will also be building tiny homes on wheels on site for buyers and short term renters.

What Else?

Right now we are focusing on the tiny homes on wheels area of the land. Later we will add a farm, a drive-in movie theater, a small shopping area and other things for the community. There is more to come!

We will also hold a tiny home on wheels festival once a week for anyone who wants to see them person. 

How long will this take?

This will take around 10 to 12 months to build the largest tiny house community. 

1) It will take 2 months for purchasing 80 acres and getting permits.

2) 5 months for building the lots and utility lines.

3) And 4 months to building the water towers, the solar panel towers, the wind power generators, the composting system for sewage, and the filtration system for grey water to water plants.

Tiny House Living

For those of you who do not know much about the tiny house life style – I’m sure you do know that all across America rent is rising, wages are stagnant, and the amount of jobs are decreasing. We have also been raised to consume by spending money on things we don’t need. Leading us to a crowded home of junk

Living in a tiny house on wheels will help you keep thousands of dollars in your pocket and hep you live a peaceful minimalistic life style. With a tiny house, you own your home. In our community you will be renting a spot for $500-$700. You can save the rest of your money for other things, or go travel somewhere you’ve never been to!

For inside your home you will not have as much space as that idealized American home, but how much of your home do you actually use on a daily basis? Probably not much of it. 

In New York City there are people living in apartments smaller than a tiny home, and they are much more expensive. Why not live in a tiny home where you have more space and pay so much less money?   

With the amount of space in a tiny home, you buy what you need and use what you have. No more tripping over that guitar you thought you’d learn but never did, or use your exercise machine as a clothing rack. You use your money wisely. The big rule of thumb for minimalism is “If you’re not using it you don’t need it (as in throw it out!).” So, if you have this strong desire to learn guitar, you know if you buy one you have to keep playing it. If not, then into the trash it goes.  

Your eco footprint will be much smaller. You’ll be buying less junk (that can end up in the trash). With tiny homes you can add solar power panels to your roof. In our community we’ll have wind power generators, solar panels, a water desalination system and a place for compost.  

In a tiny house community, somehow in some way the tiny house folks are really nice. I think it’s because they’re happy with how they’re living. They know the typical way of living is not working for them and this alternative is much better. So, who wouldn’t want some friendly neighbors?

And again, you’ll have more money with all that you’re saving!

Some Press 

We have had some press from The Real Deal, Now This, Design Boom, Tiny House Talk, New Atlas, Daily Mail, The Sun, Metro, Tiny House Citizens, Digital Trends, Tree Hugger, and the City on the Devasa.  Click Here for the list of articles. 


If you contribute $50 or more you will receive ATC dollars in the amount that you contributed. With Ark dollars you will be able to use them a year after the community has been opened. You will have 5 years to spend it in the Ark Tiny Home community. You can use ATC dollars for staying at a tiny house, at our gift shops, on food or on any entertainment that ATC offers to our guests and tenants.

We will also have a wall of fame in the community with your name on it. 

Ways You Can Help Us

Times are tough right now. You or many people you know, have lost their job this past year. But now is a great time to change things around for the better. 

  • Please contribute whatever you can, $5, $10, $50, $100, $1,000! Anything helps 🙂
  • Tell 5 of your friends or family, “Check out this crazy family. They’re going to build the largest community of friendly rich people. Let’s help them out so we can live there too!”  
  • Tell your tiny house friends!! Let them know we’re waiting for them with open arms.
  • Mention us in your Zoom chats or Zoom classes.
  • You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and our website to get updates on our Kickstarter and for when we build the Ark Tiny Home Community!

Join us on our adventure!

We will be on the road December 1st-10th traveling from NYC aaaaaaall the way to Lucerne Valley California to see the land. You are welcome to join us on our adventure part of the way or through out the whole trip. If we are passing by your city and you want to say “Hi!” let us know! Email us at SaatHomes@gmail.com.

We will also post our journey on social media as well. 

Our Facebook group

Our Instagram @TinyHomesNYC

Our YouTube channel 

 Our website 

Cities We will be Traveling to:

New York City to 

Baltimore  200 miles I95 South                                              Baltimore         600K

To Knoxville  530 miles Hwy 70                                              Knoxville          190K

To Nashville  180 miles Hwy 40                                              Nashville          1.2M

To Memphis 220 miles Hwy 40                                              Memphis         1.1M

To Little Rock  140 miles Hwy 30                                           Little Rock       197K

To Dallas  320 miles Hwy 35 N                                               Dallas/Ftw      6.3M

To Oklahoma 210 miles Hwy 40                                            Oklahoma       1.0M

To Amarillo  260 miles Hwy 40                                              Amarillo           320K

To Albuquerque 300 miles Hwy 40                                       Albuquerque   915K

To Phoenix  420 miles Hwy 10                                               Phoenix           1.7M

To Las Vegas 310 miles Hwy 93                                             Las Vegas         2.9M

To Los Angeles 270 miles Hwy 15 & 10                                Los Angeles     12.4M

Total Population: 28,822,000

Total of 3,360 miles in 2 weeks time

This is my first time using Kickstarter. Luckily my daughter Emel was successful with her Kickstarter project “I’m Not Here” – Entering Film Fest.  Click here to take a look at her project