$109 raised out of $578,250

We want to Participate in project “art 369” in Japan.By building gallery we will support all artistic people here and foreigners too


Nasushiobara located in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. It’s young city with amazing landscapes and city spirit. Nasu offer many choices for tourism and relax or active rest. City surrounded by mountains and old forests. In all seasons you will find amazing place here. Such as sakuraparks, animal parks, hot springs,mountain rivers with blue water, fishing spots, campingplaces and many other! Many people visiting this city from Tokyo and other prefectures. Now there is a special project for the development of creative people called  ART369.

We building ArtGallery to support all local and foreigner people who interesed in observing and introducing art.

We want to support artistic people who will be interested to introduse items such as sculprure and many others such as:

   Taxidermy           Pottery              Jewelry            Forging            Paintings           Kids Art

 Our plans 

Becoming part of Japanese project ART369

A project to liven up the area with art.”ART369″ along the Itamuro Highway from around Kuroiso Station to  Itamuro Onsen. Itamuro Kaido is mainly prefectural road 369, and it was named after the special product of Nasushiobara City (milk 369).

 Utilizing “art” and “movies”, we will disseminate the appeal of the region

After the construction of the gallery we will apply for official placement on the tourist card of Nasushiobara. Our ground based direcly near this street. We marked it by star on the official map. Of course we are officially registered as a company and we pay taxes.

When Art Gallery will be finished we will start more promotion campaign to attract

more people. But we hope before opening we already will have fans and patrons in our

instagram  @artgallerynasu


Art Gallery 3D project in progress. We spread building process to 3 phases:

1) 3D design of main building and caffe

2) Garden (surroundings) area. Will include trees alley, koi fish pond, parking, rest zone

photo zone, stone garden and other comfort objects.

3) Concrete work

Right now we  finising phase 1 and paralel progressing with phase 2. For concrete work we need more helpers.Now we working only two people. In Japan concrete hardening super fast and it strongly fear excess of water and cold weather.Physically it’s not possible to distribute and finish such big foundation with two people. We don’t want to have it bad quality. So to proceed with this phase we need to hire more workers.

But we have no any support. We focusing on preparing and storing wood now. So later when we will have support with workers we will build structure made of wood very fast

even by two people.

                   What we achieved already

Ground prepared for building foundation. Almost all excavation works are completed.

We have stable dry solid platform. Which very important in Japan with strong rains.

Place for fish pond prepeared. Need make decorations with natural stones and connect with water filtering system. We already have fishes to release there. Now we holding them inside small syntetic pond under roof.

We prepearing wood logs, boards and so on. Already big amount of wood stored. We have lack of space, wood can be stored only under roof or it will rot soon. Sometimes we need to swithch atention for making aditional buildings and huts to save our material.

We already colected all stones for Japanese traditional stone garden. Also decorative plants.

This year we planting 1-2 years old paulownia trees. Which growing very fast and 

blossoming by big purple flowers not worse than glicinia or sakura. Later we planing to 

have also bees farm for people to observe process of honey creating or just enjoy garden. Paulownia trees will  grow in «background» of ArtGallery. 

                    WHY WE WANT SUPPORT?

As i told before, it’s city administration program ART 369. This project made to join artistic people in city along the road 369. People who make pottery, art, design, sculpture and so on. Own strong comunity which already exist here and have city administration support for events and exibitions  in bigger city later etc. But we not part of it yet.

Our place will be tourist and foreigner friendly with nice website in English, Japanese and Russian. Also we openly showing all our work in our Instagram from building and planing till live exibitions and all people around us. So we will be happy 

to have more new friends and build more strong artist society here.

We need people support because we building place for people. Using only own resources it’s very slow and difficult. Nasu very young city and still ned a lot of work to make it more attractive.

    We need support for building foundation. 

It’s require more workers  and big money spending in few days. Rest of materials and work we do by ourself even now. Prepearing wood, welding steel beams etc.


As rewards my Ukrainian friend Nanami Kairyu will produce for you antique hand forged knives. Also you will receive privileges in our gallery etc. We will take care about each dollar we receive.Join to our instagram to see progress of building and see more detailed information. We want to be fully open