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flexible solution for camera angle adjustment

Adjusting the camera angle is very important while doing landscape photography. Can’t find an angle adjustment accessory that meet your needs in the market? Don’t worry, we bring you this unique product

The convenience and safety of ATOLL is loved by photographers all over the world, chick it out with A quick review of ATOLL from The most creative photographer “Daniel Kordan”

Product Feature Tips from  “Dunna Did It”

✱the most flexible solution for camera angle adjustment✱

✱As an international award-winning product, the design of ATOLL is proved by professional design juries.

Statement by the iF jury : With ATOLL, photographers get an innovative, easy-to-manage tool to affix their camera at the desired angle.

Statement by the Red Dot jury : The ATOLL has a puristic yet premium appearance and provides a clever solution for adjusting the recording angle.

✱ When using the ball head to change the orientation of the camera from horizontal to vertical, it takes a lot of time to readjust the level and position of the target, and you may miss the best photo opportunity…

✱ With ATOLL, this is much easier than using the drop-notch on the side of your ballhead to achieve a portrait orientation. Simply loosen the knob and rotate, you can quickly between portrait and landscape orientation, the camera’s center of gravity is always directly above the tripod, the center of gravity will not move, you can easily catch the best photo opportunities.

✱ Mounting the L-bracket is a common solution for portrait photography, but when you switch from landscape to portrait, you have to remove it from the ball head and mount it again. Additionally, the L-bracket will block the Side-hinged vari-angle screen and shutter release cable.

✱ It’s obviously faster to use the ATOLL then a L-bracket.  ?

✱By rotating the camera, it can be freely adjusted from 0° to 180°. The angle can be easily fixed by simply tightening the knob.

✱the most flexible solution for camera angle adjustment

✱ If the camera does not have a battery grip(like Nikon Zfc), it can be rotated to 360°

✱Also, There are also 3 click points at 0°, 90° and 180°. It’s much intuitive to adjust camera angle.

✱In order to obtain a perspective more closer to ground, You will need to invert the tripod center column, when the tripod is in Inverted Mode, simply rotate the ATOLL 180 degrees, No need to operate the camera upside down anymore?

Super close to the ground

✱ Using an ATOLL to adjust the angle like a tripod collar on a long lens

what’s even better is ..

No need to remove the ATOLL when changing lenses, You can change lenses at any time, The smooth operation experience makes it like a part of the camera.

✱You will find it inconvenient to change lenses if your lens is attached with a tripod collar.

✱There is no such trouble at all with ATOLL, You can change lenses at any time, No need to disassemble ATOLL from camera, the silk-smooth install experience is proved.

✱When shooting in a dark environment, adjusting the camera angle is always difficult, With ATOLL, just simply loosen the knob and rotate camera, no more worrying about dropping the camera when adjusting the angle in dark environment, 100% safe❤️

✱Just like ATOLL represents a coral reef inhabited by many creatures, There are three models of ATOLL that are also compatible with a variety of cameras.

✱The mounting position of ATOLL is designed to be close to the lens mount, As long as the outer diameter (4) of the lens mount is smaller than the inner diameter (3) of ATOLL, it can be mounted. The reason for this design is that the diameter (4) of the lens mount is usually small, so that we don’t need to design a too large ATOLL.

✱The following video shows ATOLL D works with Canon 5D4+EF 24-70 f/2.8mm II

The outer diameter (4) of the 24-70 f/2.8 II is smaller than the inner diameter of the ATOLL D, which is 75mm, so it can be mounted. Other lenses that can be mounted include the 16-35 f/2.8 L II, 70-200 f/2.8L III (recommended to use its own Tripod Collar).

Each camera has a recommended ATOLL model, choose the appropriate model to achieve the best experience. If you use the ATOLL D on a mirrorless camera, it may not work because the (4′) diameter of the lens is larger than the ATOLL.

✱Although the height of the ATOLL can be adjusted, it is still not compatible with all cameras. Some cameras with a lower body height need to add a Heightening Plate to align the ATOLL with the center of the lens.

1.After removing the lens from the camera, tighten the bottom screw of ATOLL into the tripod hole on the bottom of the camera.

2.Align the ATOLL with the center of the lens and tighten the front screw.

✱adjustable range

✱ ATOLL is a double-layer ring design, each with a quick release plate on the inner ring and the outer ring (both Arca Swiss specifications)

✱The inner ring and the camera quick release plate fix the ATOLL on the camera. When adjusting the angle, the camera and the lens will rotate together with the ATOLL, so there is no need to worry about scratching the lens.

✱The body quick release plate is compatible with pi Strap SPROT

✱ Also compatible with PD Capture Clip v3(can only slide in from top to bottom, not left or right)

✱The outer ring has Arca-Swiss specification feet, which can mount the camera on the ball head.

✱ ATOLL’s tripod quick release plate has a 1/4″ screw hole that can be used to mount your other quick release plates.

✱ATOLL is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and coated with hardened chrome. The delicate silver-gray appearance is unique among camera accessories. It is lightweight and durable.

✱ATOLL already comes with Body quick release plate

If you choose ATOLL S or ATOLL C, it will come with Standard Body quick release plate.

If you choose ATOLL D, it will come with Extended Body quick release plate.

ADD-Ons Tips :

If you have additional needs, you can add the following accessories

  • want more than two ATOLL? choose to pledge an additional:
  • If you have pledged an ATOLL C for your mirrorless full frame camera (like Nikon Z7II or Canon R6), but you may own another DSLR camera in the future (like Nikon D780 or Canon 5DIII) and you want to share this ATOLL , You can choose to pledge an additional:
  • Extended quick release plate
  • If you have pledged ATOLL C or ATOLL D for your full frame camera (like Nikon Z7II or Nikon D750), but you may own M4/3 camera (like Olympus EM1 III) or APSC mirrorless camera (like Nikon Zfc) in the future ), and you want to share this ATOLL, You need to pledge an additional:
  • Heightening Plate 

Although ATOLL achieves the best balance of operability and compatibility, there is still room for improvement, please refer to the following reminders:

  • The Control Ring/Drop-in Filter on the Canon EF-RF adapter will be blocked by ATOLL.
  • Models with the shutter release hole in front of the camera will be covered by ATOLL, such as Canon R5.

  • Some lenses have a switch button on the left side, if the switch button is close to the camera, it may be blocked by ATOLL, you need to adjust the front and rear positions of the ATOLL to achieve the best space.

  • For cameras with a protruding top (such as Nikon D600/D750), the top of the camera will be stuck with ATOLL and can only be rotated to 135 degrees but not 180 degrees.
  • For Canon/Nikon and other cameras whose lens release button is at 90 degrees on the left, the release button may be blocked by ATOLL. If you need to change the lens in the vertical mode of the camera, you need to adjust the front and rear positions of the ATOLL to achieve the best space.

  • Sony α series cameras (such as A7S/A73/A7R3, etc..or earlier cameras), because the body is very compact, the space between the fingers and the camera grip will be affected. For users with larger fingers or when wearing gloves, the space will be more limited. Adjust the front and rear position of the ATOLL to achieve the best space.

  • ATOLL is suitable for general DSLR and mirrorless cameras, flagship cameras (similar to Canon 1DX/Canon R3/Nikon D4/Nikon Z9) or cameras with battery grips or body cages will not be compatible with ATOLL
  • ATOLL is not compatible with Medium Format or larger cameras such as the Fujifilm GFX100S.
  • ATOLL is mainly designed for landscape photography. It is recommended to use it with a wide-angle to standard lens within 1kg for the best experience.
  • If you use a long lens over 200mm or more than 1kg, it is recommended to use it with the original tripod collar for the most stable operating experience. Because ATOLL is mounted on the camera, can’t balance the camera optimally like a tripod ring with long lenses.

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In 2020, Silence Corner released the Magic Plate on Kickstarter, a lightweight gadget, designed to quickly turn the camera 90 degrees, from horizontal to vertical portrait mode, in order to be lightweight, it has many shortcomings, are we satisfied? , of course not, so we started thinking about developing Magic Plate V2, but after less lightness, Magic Plate also lost a bit of its magic…

So we give up everything, start from scratch, sincerely bring you this amazing gadget

We like ATOLL very much, I believe you will too❤️