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Re-designing road cycling cleats, changing the way we use clip in pedals


CLEAT IT – The cleat for the unexpected…

No matter your skill level, we have all experienced unexpected situations whilst riding. That panicked feeling when coming to a stop where we are unable to disengage the cleat from the pedal. The result, a minor graze or other times a broken bone, both undesired outcomes.

For the past 6 years our team has been engineering automated road cycling cleats which we are excited to present to you.

By simply pushing a button located on your handlebar, and lifting your foot upwards, your cleats will disengage from your clip in pedal. (Please note – the buttons location is customizable to the riders preference).

If coming to a potential stop, one press of the button will allow you to keep your feet/foot on the pedals. If you choose not to lift your foot off, the cleats will lock again, allowing you to continue riding.

The cleats allow you to engage and disengage manually in the traditional way and are Shimano compatible with 9 degrees of float. 

Our mission is to make recreational cycling a safer sport. 

How it works?

The patented technology utilizes wireless technology, an electro magnet and locking pins in order to function.

One click of the button (wireless remote) powers the electromagnet for a short duration, allowing the locking arm to temporarily release. This in turn unhinges the locking plate into its open position. As soon as the electromagnet powers down, the cleat locks itself again and the hinging plate returns to its closed position.

Both the cleats and wireless remote are rechargeable and due to their short frequency of power usage, do not have to be charged frequently. 

Where it began

7 years ago my father fell off his bike due to the cleat becoming stuck when coming to a normal stop, breaking his wrist in the fall. After hearing many similar stories, it sparked an idea which began as a high school assignment.

We wanted to create something universal and adaptable to all pedals, however this came with its challenges. After taking the idea through uni, using it in various assignments and as a final thesis, we worked with relevant engineers to try and create a piston that would fit all pedals. Due to size, force and varying pedal shapes this proved to be impossible and so the dream to create a universal automated cleat system vanished.

Two years later, after having a discussion about the old project, the idea came as why not re-engineer the cleat itself.

We set about engaging the services of an engineer and 3 years later we are at the point of being able to present you with the worlds first automated road cycling cleat!

Where Are We?

At it’s current stage, we have a working benchmark model and a scaled visual prototype. The working mechanics behind the invention have been proven and initial quotes sourced. 

The initial crowd funder aims to sell 4000 units in order to complete our alpha model and begin production. 


Upon fulfilling a successful Kickstarter, it is expected that we will begin shipping units by the 14th of June 2023. Please see below for a top level breakdown of the fulfilments beforehand; 

  • Design & Development – 62 days:
  • DFM & 2D CAD – 27 days
  • Packaging Design – 53 days
  • Electrical Support for Mass Production – 95 days
  • Production Tool Procurement – 108 days
  • Production Line Preparation – 70 days
  • Pilot Production – 45 days
  • Production and shipping – 103 days 

Benchmark Model:

CAD Design:

Who are we?

At Cleat It we don’t believe in using ambiguous marketing terms in order to try convince you on why you need the product. Although the cycling industry is always evolving on performance and making things lighter, we very rarely see the fundamental functions that need improving being challenged. No matter our skill level, we have all at some point had a cleat becoming stuck when coming to a rushed stop. This product aims to solve this and begin challenging bigger players to start innovating.

We will continue to be transparent throughout the entire process, so please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have that haven’t been answered in the above.

We look forward to the day where we can ship you the first ever automated road cycling cleat, so you can be one of the first to show off a new gadget to your cycling community.

The cleat for the unexpected…