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Automatic Temperature Measurement System for detecting persons with suspected infections such as Covid-19 or other illnesses.


AutoTherm is a temperature measurement device designed to automate taking the temperature of individuals. The purpose of AutoTherm is to screen individual for suspected infections, such as Covid-19 or other illnesses without the need for personal interaction in taking measurements. Although such devices exist on the market today, they are generally too expensive for small businesses or schools to afford. AutoTherm is designed to be an affordable solution, with a target price around $1500 USD. 

AutoTherm is a small wireless device that uses a commonly available thermal imaging camera and a small imbedded PC to link to a Windows computer.  Any Windows PC can connect to AutoTherm via WiFi, and additionally, send text messages or emails to notify personnel if a person’s temperature is outside a specific range.  Using such a device will enable small business and schools to screen individuals without the need for a nurse or dedicated individual to perform such screenings. By using AutoTherm, a business can save time and money by automating this process, therefore the product pays for itself very quickly.

A prototype of AutoTherm has been created, and the purpose of this KickStarter project is to raise the necessary funds to begin production and distribution of the device to the general public.