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Klassiska äventyr översatta till engelska inför San Diego Comic Con 2002 visas här i svartvitt – Bacon & Egg som ni aldrig upplevt dom!



A message in English will follow 🙂

Såg inte den här grejen komma, den ingick inte i min “stora plan”, men jag är inte den som duckar en galen idé!

Serierna i den här boken är några avsnitt av Bacon & Egg som översattes till engelska inför Comic Con i San Diego 2002. Dom gjordes till ett särtryck, och delades ut under konventet.

Tjugo år passerade, och för ett tag sen hittade jag en omärkt CD-skiva i garaget som visade sig innehålla dom bortglömda filerna från särtrycket. Inscannade i svartvitt med hög upplösning och textade på engelska, alltså.

“Den krökta bussen” blev “The warped bus”, “Tusen och en watt” fick heta “Louder than nerds”, “En plats i stolen” översattes till “Chair and chair alike” och “Björnen sover” till “Bear with me”.

Bacon och Egg fick så klart behålla sina namn, men kommissarie Barskebäck fick heta Lieutenant “Dirty” Harrisburg, Algot Einstein Delbert McEinstein och Omar Kants alias fick bli Nero Kelvin.

Boken blir, i grundutförande, 48 sidor tjock, med hårda pärmar och i US Letter-format ( precis som mina tidigare böcker ). Fyra avsnitt om vardera tio sidor är lika med fyrtio sidor serier, plus redaktionellt material.

Stretchgoals kommer erbjudas i form av mer innehåll, och om det går riktigt, riktigt bra slänger jag in “Violucifer Involuntarius” från 1999 i BÅDE skiss- och tuschform.

Rewards i olika prisklasser, så klart, jag hoppas att alla hittar nåt som passar!


This campaign is to fund a comic book in English, but ships only to Sweden. Unfortunately, I hasten to add. I just don’t have the resources or the time to lay the groundwork for a fullblown US campaign right now. However, even though you will not be able to support the campaign itself, I might still be able to accomodate you through other channels should you be interested in the book. If so, send me a message.

Anyway, here´s the pressrelease I prepared for the project:

The ”Bacon & Egg” funny animals comic strip is a Swedish classic, and a staple for generations of fans growing up in the eighties, nineties and beyond. Making its debut in the Swedish ”Phantom” magazine back in 1985, it was in regular publication up until 2017, with some 120 episodes produced. Most of them in Carl Barks’ tried and true ten-page format.

A successful Kickstarter campaign last year resulted in a book with new material, which came out earlier this year.

Disneyesque visuals notwithstanding ”Bacon & Egg” is not quite what you might expect at a glance. Without being topical, satirical or relying on sex and violence, it still manages to engage a more adult audience with an idiosyncratic brand of surreal and thought provoking humor. Instances of death, irreverence, full frontal nudity and philosophical discourse may and do occur.

”Bacon & Egg” typically revolves around the two eponymous protagonists taking a seemingly mundane premise and accidentally twisting it into the realm of the bizarre, before narrowly avoiding fantastic and / or catastrophic consequences.

As if they’re not perfectly capable of putting themselves in strange situations on their own, they are often aided and abetted by a recurring cast of known associates including trigger happy police detective Lieutenant ”Dirty” Harrisburg, genius-on-call Delbert McEinstein and man of mystery Nero Kelvin. And, of course, the nefarious nemesis H2Olsen.

Now, for the first time, ”Bacon & Egg” will be made available for a wider, English-speaking audience. 

The book will be hardcover and in US Letter format, with 48 pages divided into four episodes in black and white originally translated and made into a limited offprint to be handed out at the 2002 San Diego Comic Con. Stretchgoals will be aimed at adding more content, and rewards will include the opportunity to acquire original art from the book.