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May 21, 2022
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Barry’s Barbershop 3d printable STL Files – Pay what you want


Welcome back to Quiet Ville

“Our Goal is to Cleanse your Soul”

“Missing hair from the top? I got you covered, at Barry’s Barbershop!”

Barry’s Barbershop was the place you wanted to go to have a neat, clean cut appearance or get your memory completely wiped out……Erm, scratch that last part.

Barry was a beautiful child when he was….well…a kid……..He was so beautiful, his parents knew for sure he was destined to be a famous person, an actor perhaps, maybe a singer, or why not, The Nation’s Leader. This dream came to an end when Barry started loosing his hair at age 6….. two months later he was completely bald.

It was this obsession with hair and beauty which drove Barry to open his Barbershop. Businness was really slow….apparently nobody at Quiet Ville really cared that much about having this “neat, clean cut appearance”. ..

One day, one of Quiet Ville’s hairiest residents was found wondering the streets, completely bald, with a nasty scar on his forehead and with no recollection of what had happened.  There were two more cases the next day, who were apparently also victims of this strange illness. People started panicking fearing this was the begining of some kind of “Baldness Pandemic”. More and more people would start presenting the same symptoms.

Barry wanted to give back something to his community, so,  little after  these strange cases started to occur, he launched his town famous “Premium Wigs and Toupees”.  Some used to say they were made with real hair…I don’t know, they never looked that real to me.

It was just a matter of time for this “illness” to claim a lot of Quiet Ville’s residents hair and they would run to Barry’s Barbershop seeking help. They called his Barbershop “The Hairless Haven” and he became very well known around town for his “Premium Wigs and Toupees”. 

Barry became, at long last, famous…

Disclamer:This (and the stories told in my other campaigns) are a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the product of my really weird and disturbing imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

The Project

This is a PAY WHAT YOU WANT campaign.  Well it’s more like “PAY FOR WHAT YOU WANT” campaign. I tried this concept on my last campaign and apparently you guys liked it so here we go again.

You can pay as low as $1 for the base model or  pay a little extra to get the Complete Make Over. Either way all contributions are much appreciated!

The assets are worth more than $1 for sure but I am doing this because im starting my  miniature businness. And after having a really succesfull second campaign (thanks guys!) I want my models to reach as much people as possible.

Barry’s Barbershop is my third project in 28/32mm abandoned – vintage – stylized (if that is even a thing?) terrain and more is planned in the months to come. The idea is to bring every building in Quiet Ville to life, which will happen eventually. Every building will showcase a “darkest secret” area. Join me in exploring Quiet Ville darkest secrets!

This model features fully detailed playable interiors, working doors and customizable windows.

Everything is optimized for FDM printers, you will be able to print every part without supports. 

Model dimensions:


I will provide full sized pieces for large printers, and also sliced parts to fit at least an Ender 3V2 or rectangular shaped beds like the one on the Dremel 3d 45.


First of all, if you haven’t, claim your free Scalpotine clicking the image!:

 Now, let´s clean you up. It doesn´t matter if you just want a small trim or a complete make over, there´s something for everybody!.

 Clean Up Cut 

$1 USD/MX$20 or more pledge.

3d Models Included:

– Barry’s Barbershop Base Model

Personal use.

 Ivy League 

$5 USD/MX$100 or more pledge.

3d Models Included:

– Barry’s Barbershop Base Model

– Barry’s Barbershop Furniture

– Barry’s Barbershop Extras*

Personal use.


$10 USD/MX$200 or more pledge.

3d Models Included:

– Barry’s Barbershop Base Model

– Barry’s Barbershop Furniture

– Barry’s Barbershop Extras*

– Barry’s Barbershop Old West Version “Belle’s Bath House”

Personal use.

 Complete Make Over 

$15 USD/MX$300 or more pledge.

3d Models Included:

– Barry’s Barbershop Base Model

– Barry’s Barbershop Furniture

– Barry’s Barbershop Extras*

– Barry’s Barbershop Old West Version “Belle’s Bath House”

– Belle’s Bath House Furniture

– Lifetime Commercial License for 3d prints

Commercial use. All these models are for commercial use in this pledge. You can’t sell the STL files, only the physical 3D prints. You can’t make a Kickstarter with the 3d prints either. The commercial license for this project is lifetime.


Side Building Billboard

– Ruined Awnings

– Window options (yup, they are customizable!)


 Introducing The Quiet Villans! 

The Quiet Villans are here!  This first set inlcudes 9 miniatures. Day/night versions of Graham, Debbie and Barry. It also includes Emmett, Suzette and Belle’s miniatures(1 mini for each Loud Villan(WIP)).

Why as an Add-on? Well, I got mixed answers from my backers on whether or not I should launch them. So I figured I didn’t want to raise the price tier of the base campaign, giving you guys the option to grab them if you want them.

You will get both presupported and unsupported versions (just in case you don´t trust my supports, which of course I wouldn’t) of every model for both 28 and 32mm. I will also include slicer files (chitu).  

Here are some test prints, please bear in mind this is only the first batch,  I noticed some things that needed attention, I will be doing adjustments to model parts and supports during the campaign. Minor changes might occur.

These are 28mm. Zombicide miniature for scale reference.

Yeah…for some reason one of the bases printed horribly…both are instances of the same model….TBH I kinda like the ruined effect…I don’t know why..;).

The Ol’ man who started it all….He’ll always be my favorite I think…. Please don’t tell the other guys….

You can select 1 of these 2 Add-ons:

Quiet Villans Volume 1 – Personal Use – MX$150 (aprox. 8 USD).

Quiet Villans Volume 1 – Commercial Use – MX$300 (aprox. 15 USD).

Now, If you have absolutely no idea of who Graham,Debbie,Emmett and Suzette are I’m also including an All-in package of my previous campaigns as Add-ons, just in case you want to catch up.

Ol’ Graham’s Groceries

You can check the project clicking the image:

Ol’ Graham’s Groceries All-in for Personal Use – MX$300 (aprox. 15 USD).

Ol’ Graham’s Groceries All-in for Commercial Use – MX$400 (aprox. 20 USD).

Debbie’s Diner

You can check the project clicking the image:

Debbie’s Diner All-in for Personal Use – MX$300 (aprox. 15 USD).

Debbie’s Diner All-in for Commercial Use – MX$400 (aprox. 20 USD).

Commercial use. You can’t sell the STL files, only the physical 3D prints. You can’t make a Kickstarter with the 3d prints either. The commercial license is lifetime.

 Both tiers of the projects include every single object from the campaign.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about Barry’s Barbershop!

 Base Model

-Included in $1 USD/MX$20 and up pledges.

Detailed interiors, working doors, removable windows and awnings.

 Model parts

 Succesfully printed everything here without supports on an Ender 3 V2.

Barbershop Furniture

-Included in $5 USD/MX$100 and up pledges.

Barber Chair


Towel Heater

Barber Sofa

Magazine Shelf

Barry’s Bed


Vanity and Stool

I will include clean, undamaged versions of every model just in case.

Recommended furniture layout:

Base Floor

Second Floor

Legend says  you could hear loud music and noises at night coming from the Barbershop second floor. Sometimes you would also notice a dancing silhoutte at the window. Oh, and please pay no attention to that big old contraption sitting in his bethroom..Barry got it at an auction on one of his trips to Paris as a souvenir….


-Included in $5 USD/MX$100 and up pledges.


Ruined Awnings

Window Options

Welcome back to Loud Ville!

“Take this vial I’ll tell you the truth, it holds the secret to eternal youth.”

Belle short for Belladona was the owner of Loud Ville’s only Bath House. In her youth she studied the relationship between water and all things. She was amazed of how water could completely transform everything. 

She wanted to really understand this relationship, that’s when she discovered distillation, practice which in time would become her obsession. She had finally discovered a way to, through water, “trap” the very essence of things. The learning curve wasn’t easy though, a couple of explosions almost cost her her life….

She started making liquor,  maybe she could satify her distillation itch and make a little money on the side selling it to Suzette’s Saloon, which didn’t work since Suzette’s was the only ever saloon not selling booze to it’s clients.

She then switched to plants. She was rapidly frustrated by the huge amount of plants she needed to produce just a small amount of “medicine”. 

This frustration turned into anger and in the end it became madness. She started trying distilling rocks, there were plenty of them at Loud Ville, she also tried distilling sand, old bones, trash, pretty much everything she could. Money was running low and her desperation went through the roof.  Where could she get enough raw material and also make some money on the side?

Depressed by her failure, she opened her Bath House,  at least it was a way to make money, and show  everyone the benefits of the treasured vital liquid.

As soon as she saw her first customer dip into the bathtub water she was struck by an idea which would change her life forever……..

Belle’s Bath House

-Included in $10 USD/MX$200 and up pledges.

This is a work in progress. I will upload renderings and test print pictures once it is finished. Don’t worry it will be finished before the campaign ends, and delivered with everything else.


135mm X 160mm X 180mm

Bath House Furniture(WIP)

-Included in $15 USD/MX$300 and up pledges.

-Hermetic Sealable Bathtubs


-Bath House Cabinet

-Belle’s Chair

-Belle’s Bed

-Belle’s Dresser

-Bed Room Side Table and Chair

Test Prints

Featuring one of my favorite issues so far with 3d printing: Over extrusion! As always please bear in mind the print/picture quality may not reflect the model quality. Every piece has/will be tested before release.

All models have been tested on a FDM printer with a 0.2mm layer height and 0.4 nozzle, test printed everything succesfully without any supports and standard printing settings, 10% gyroid infill.

Belle’s Bath House test prints coming soon!

Terms and conditions

  • The STL files are for personal use only. You may not sell the prints (which is only permitted if you have purchased $15 USD/MX$300 pledge tier)
  • You can not share/distribute the STL files.
  • You can not sell the STL files.
  • You can not modify the STL files to create new models.
  • You can not make molds or use the STL files for mass production.
  • The files cannot be part of any other project or crowdfunding project.
  • You can modify the STL files to fit them into your printer but you can not share or sell those modified STL Files.


All project files will be delivered as STL using My Mini Factory pledge manager 2-3 weeks after the campaign ends, which is the time Kick Starter takes to process all payments.

I’m really bad at 3d printing, but I’m even worse with social media, so if you liked my project help me out sharing it, I would really appreciate it…

Thank you for taking the time to check my project, i hope ill hear more from you guys soon!

Risks and challenges

I will test print every model shown in this project. Im currently fixing some minor details and will be uploading pictures soon, there are no risks at all.