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Five felonious big cats travel the world to commit heists in the name of freedom!


Have you been robbed by your conquerors? Are your cultural treasures being plundered so some snob a thousand miles away can keep them in his private collection? Has the source of your community’s wealth been stripped away in a hostile regime change? The Big Cat Bandits are here to help!

Join Prince, Reggie, Mel, Emmy, and Roman as they travel the globe to help whoever they can through the art of thievery. The Big Cat Bandits can rob museums, break into military complexes, navigate ancient tombs, and do it all in the wildest way, but only with your help.

Big Cat Bandits is a new animated series concept created by Captain Max and Noah Sterling (Marvel TL;DR). It’s an actiony, adventure-filled romp where crime is the solution to the injustices of the world! We’re asking for funding to create a TV-quality fully-animated pilot episode of the series to pitch around to networks and streaming services. With a quality sample episode and a built-in audience that likes BCB enough to fund its creation, we believe that whatever comes of this Kickstarter will be just the beginning for our plucky posse of plundering panthera.

At our initial goal of $100,000 USD, we’ll be able to produce Burglary Ballet, a ten-minute episode in which the Big Cat Bandits have to steal some recovered pirate treasure from a museum during a high-society gala, including an ongoing ballet. For the heist to work, the Big Cat Bandits will have to take the stage, dancing for their enemies while actively making their way towards the score.

Burglary Ballet concept art.

At our stretch goal of $250,000 USD, we’ll be able to produce Mile High Heist, a twenty-minute episode where the Big Cat Bandits take to the skies, infiltrating the Rover Empire’s mighty air fleet to recover a kidnapped political prisoner before his public execution. The stakes have literally never been higher, as they have a very specific timeframe to complete the operation and it’s a long way down if they get caught.

Mile High Heist concept art.

 If we raise $400,000 USD or higher, we’ll be able to produce both episodes, and maybe even some additional short material as a fun bonus. But aside from helping to produce some awesome new animation, you might be asking yourself, “what’s in it for me?”

Nobody joins a crew without getting something in return. Depending on how much you back us, your rewards can include things like a digital concept art pack and early access to the episode, but our physical rewards are:

Calling Card Enamel Pin: Get a fun bit of flair you can put just about anywhere you can think of, designed after the calling card of the Big Cat Bandits!

Pin Design

Soundtrack: Get the original soundtrack to the pilot episode, written by composer Greg Sgammato. You’ll be able to hear all our excellent heisting music without all the talking and sound effects getting in the way, like our main theme here:

DVD: You’ll get a DVD featuring whatever we produce as a result of this Kickstarter, as well as our original pilot animatic, North Pole Plunder.

“Van Hund, help! I’m trapped in a disc containing quality animated programming!”

Emmy’s Thief Files: An in-universe compilation of dossiers written up by Emmy about the various criminals in the BCB’s world. Each file also has additional notes from the other members of the Big Cat Bandits.

Prototype of Prince’s Thief File (subject to change)

Some of these rewards will also be available digitally, but these aren’t our only offerings…

At the highest tiers of our campaign, you’ll be able to leave your own mark on the world of the Big Cat Bandits. Due to the amount of work producing the art to fulfill these rewards will require, they are limited, so back us early if you want them.

Your Dog in the Pilot: At $250 USD, your dog will become an extra in the pilot episode. They will be a citizen of the Rover Empire, either appearing as a socialite attending the museum gala in Burglary Ballet (or maybe even as a dancer in the ballet itself!) or as a member of the Rover Military in Mile High Heist. If we get enough funding to produce both episodes, you’ll get to choose which.

Lucy and Joey, real dogs, now cartoons.

Banditsona: When you donate $500 or $1000 USD, you’ll be able design your own original criminal that exists in the world of Big Cat Bandits. We will work with you to flesh out this character idea enough to create their own dossier in Emmy’s Thief Files. Your character will be included in every copy of the book, and you’ll get one. You don’t have to have a big idea or be able to draw for us to build your character. We’ll work with you from the simplest concept to create something great, like this:

Before and After

Please note that the followings restrictions will be in place when designing your Banditsona to keep it consistent with the BCB setting and/or avoid legal troubles:

-Your Banditsona must be a real-world non-human mammal. Bugs, fish, birds, lizards, and all the rest don’t walk and talk in Big Cat Bandits.

-Your Banditsona can’t have any superpowers or magical abilities. 

-Your Banditsona’s design must be appropriate for all ages.

-Your Banditsona cannot be based on any pre-existing copyrighted character.

-Your Banditsona must not be an offensive portrayal of any real-world race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, religious belief, physical or mental disability, or any other protected class of people. Bigotry is something we do not abide.

You might be wondering what the difference is between people getting $500 and $1000 dollar Banditsonas. Which leads us to…

Our top backers who give us $1000 USD will receive a limited-edition five-piece coin set featuring each of the Big Cat Bandits on a coin. This is limited to 20 backers, and as a thanks for believing in us that much, a unique treasure you can hold onto for the rest of your life. We will never reproduce this specific coin set, even if we wind up making similar products in the future. This is your piece of Big Cat Bandits history.

Reggie Coin Concept (Design Subject to Change)

The Creators: Noah Sterling is an animation director who’s directed music videos for artists including Justin Bieber, The Living Tombstone, and Doja Cat. Captain Max is the self-proclaimed “World’s Greatest Writer” with an overactive imagination and no sense of shame. They’ve been production partners for five years, collaborating on Marvel Entertainment’s hit YouTube series Marvel TL;DR, some viral videos on Noah Sterling’s YouTube channel, and a number of original cartoon pilots.

The Cast: In addition to Captain Max (Roman) and Noah Sterling (Emperor Sparky IV), the voice cast of Big Cat Bandits includes professional voice actors who have performed in western cartoons, anime, video games, commercial work, and more. They are:

-Mark Allen Jr. (Prince): The Day I Became a God, Child of Kamiari Month

-Sean Chiplock (Reggie): The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Genshin Impact

-Tiana Camacho (Mel): Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure STONE OCEAN, Pokémon Journeys: The Series

-Kimlinh Tran (Emmy): Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle, Beyblade Burst

-Raul Ceballos (Eberhardt Van Hund): Fast & Furious: Spy Racers, The Last of Us Part II

The Music: The original score for Big Cat Bandits will be composed by Greg Sgamatto, who’s composed for the animated short films Tuk Tuk and Little Odd-Lots: Night of the Living Robot as well as the web series Smoking Gun.

Character Design: Character design for the pilot will be done by Alex Hoey, who’s produced art for clients such as Adam Green’s Hatchet franchise, American Mythology, Source Point Press, And Lionsgate Films.

This is the biggest, most ambitious project we’ve ever tackled. Big Cat Bandits is a concept that we’ve been come back to over and over again for years now because we’re really passionate about and believe in it. We hope that you’ll come to believe in what we’re doing too and help us to make this pilot a reality. If you want to see these cats steal, dance, and fly, please donate to this campaign while you can and share it around so others can see it. This is a cartoon about bringing people together to help you do the things you can’t on your own. If you folks help us do that with this campaign, a little bit of Big Cat Bandits will come true in real life.

If you’d like to keep up with the campaign outside of Kickstarter and see some bonus behind-the-scenes material, make sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter for more content.