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Church of the Holy City

Jack & JILL: an urban fairytale


On the day of her prearranged fairytale wedding, a rebellious preacher’s kid runs out on her nuptials, and connects with a spiritually awakened ex-con and leads him on an escalating crime spree until their world is turned down side up!

Jack & Jill, at it’s core is an allegory of spiritual awakening. The story is an urban fairytale that focuses on a rebellious preacher’s kid who we meet on the day of her pre-arranged fairytale wedding to the congressman’s son, who’s father just so happens to be largest supporter of her father’s church. Jill is faced with tremendous turmoil as she’s only getting married because she thinks she’s pregnant. In true “urban fairytale” form, Jill flees her nuptials on foot through the urban landscape that is Baltimore, Maryland. It is on this freedom journey that she literally collides with Jack. Fresh out of jail as a result of defending his late mother, Jack is thirsting for a deeper relationship with God, while being one strike away from the “3 strikes you’re out” rule. This combustible mix sets them on a crash course with destiny that challenges Jack’s thirst for a closer relationship with God, while quenching Jill’s insatiable appetite for an alternative to her self-proclaimed “boring ass existence.” 

Our allegory fosters a spiritual awakening and mending of Jill’s strained relationship with bible wielding father, while testing Jack’s faith at levels that rival that of the bible’s trial poster boy, Job. Audiences will literally need to buckle their seat belts for the ride of a lifetime, set in motion by a daisy chain of events that will have them clinging to the edge of their seats as the witness the lives of Jack & Jill being literally turned down side up!

Jack & Jill: an urban fairytale explores the deeply universal themes of self awareness, spiritual awareness, and living unapologetically while celebrating the infinite possibilities that comprise the human spirit.


With our film exploring the universal themes of spirituality, and self awareness at a time when our beautiful country is fractured with divisiveness; it speaks to my hope that the ship will be righted, but more importantly my belief in the resiliency of the human spirit. Irrespective of our individual beliefs, we all live lives that will at some point be tested. It’s not so much the trials that we face in our lives, but how we respond to them. Those challenges are a microcosm of the journey of filmmaking, so our story and the timing thereof, are what I deem divine timing. I began writing this film nearly 3 decades ago, so why now? With a busy life being a father, grandfather, a friend, a youth mentor, a coach, and a business owner… it’s real easy to be busy being busy. But when God hits the “pause button” in the form of a pandemic, and your world comes to a screeching halt… you have an opportunity to chill, panic, or go deeper beneath the surface. I chose the later, and searched every fiber of my being to find what I was most passionate about, and for me it’s living. After losing my entire immediate family to cancer, I know that life can be fleeting, so we have to “do that we love, and love what we do.” As a result, passion is what fuels me these days. My mantra is “life is good, but living is better!” – MichaelJoyner




By joining our campaign, supporters will literally be joining forces to assist us in creating something special., you will be part of making history. 

JACK & JILL: an urban fairytale, will have a budget of approximately 7.5 million dollars, and we are seeking to raise at least $100,000 (plus) here with our Kickstarter family. These resources will allow us to continue our journey in the final stages of the  pre-production phase, as we start production of our sizzle short of the film. Overages of our $100,000 allow us to seamlessly flow into the pre-production of our feature film.

It is our sincere desire that you will join us by becoming a part of the synergistic force that has brought JACK & JILL this far. By partnering with us your generous gift will enable us to bring a compelling sizzle reel to the masses.

How we will spend the money:

  • Equipment rentals (camera gear, sound gear, lighting, and prop rentals)
  • Location rental expenses
  • Meals and craft services 
  • Script development, and polishing 
  • Website creation
  • Artwork for the film
  • Attorney costs
  • Post production expenses (editing, color correction, sound mixing & scoring)