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Start date
Dec 14, 2020
Close date
Feb 12, 2021

BLACK CAN FESTIVAL (Grand Global Union )

Black Can
Mayor of London,Mr Sadiq Khan
Diego Armando Maradona
Flt Lt Jerry John Rawlings
Kobe Bean Bryant

The BLACK CAN festival is an annual festival to bring together all creatives and talented individuals to  network and give a push to the next black child.The black sheep I believe always has something special deep within and shouldn’t be left to go astray but rather drawn closer to inspire and educate them on whatever  path they have chosen to take.The key to success we all know comes from doing what you love and not what you are forced to do or limited to.The festival will give all creatives the opportunity to showcase their talents to the masses as there will be platforms for movie premieres,music listening, as well as pop up stands for sales.Successful individuals and motivational speakers will be present to pass onto the younger generation the knowledge they need to succeed in life.This first edition is dedicated to the NHS and all key workers for going above and beyond and holding us all down during the pandemic.This festival will always bring the people together and remind them of how stronger we are together and how we all can become whoever or whatever we want to become .We will also celebrate some of our fallen heroes Flt Lt Jerry John Rawlings,Diego Armando Maradona and Kobe Bean Bryant,etc for being great servants of their countries .And lastly take advantage to give to the MAYOR of LONDON his flowers whiles he is still here.

Aside trying to Unite the world i will be manufacturing foods and drinks in BLACK CANS which will be a constant reminder and inspiration to the black community how they can become whatever they want to become plus give employment opportunities to many as well.

Executive summary

8/10  is a new and revolutionalizing brand.We will serve a vast variety of flavours co-innovated by the people who will be buying the products,made possible through utilizing the internet.In this way customers will be able to customize and interact more closely with our products through our modern website.

8/10 products can be enjoyed by all,young and old but 18+ for the starters and 8/10 Zero for kids along the way .There will be flavours to suit all tastes.Our main aim is to make our drinks stand out amongst the rest as an enjoyable and continously innovative brand.We feel that the current drink brands fail to produce unique and creative flavours and mixtures.Our drinks will strive to maximize customer satisfaction and at the same time highlight the interests and returns of investors.We plan to bring a fun and modern way of looking at food/drinks.All flavours possible,whether it be simple or more complex.The possibilities are endless and 8/10 recognizes these possibilities .

The business idea arose from inspiration to create a unique canned food company.Our inspirational thinking prepare us well for running this business.


To establish a presence as a successful canned food company and gain market share in the can food industry.


Deliver a trusted brand of great tasting low calories beverages and foods utilizing transparency of nutritional label and ingredients.


To be the worlds most desired trusted and healthy canned food company.

Competitive Advantage:Comparatively lower calories than the leading competitor while maintaining a delicious taste.

Markets: Worldwide

Distribution Channels:

Grocery stores,restaurants and nightclubs.


Health:The physical and emotional health of all our customers and employees.


We encourage healthy choices in all aspects of life.The labelling of all our ingredients and nutritional informationas well as openess and honesty in all business initiatives.


We value providing products with the best ingredients and manufacturing processes toensure customer wellbeing and preferences.


We value every individual for what makes them unique and will encourage our consumers to be themselves.