$79,075 raised out of $10,000

The first ever collector editions of the most popular black indie comic in the nation! As seen on Shark Tank, Breakfast Club, and more



A company that breaks decades of marginalization in the entertainment industry.

We tell stories that Hollywood refuses to do and we give the power to the fans.

This company has succeeded where so many other independent black-owned publishers had failed because we embrace our core customer. While many other companies try to stay neutral in their PR, Black Sands has always spoken on black issues affecting the community and the publishing industry.

This is a rebellion and we are winning! Join us today and back this project!


Below is an example of one of the Hieroglyph variants of Black Sands. This design isn’t final. It will be significantly upgraded.

What happened since the last investment Round?

We secured a deal on Shark Tank with Mark Cuban and Kevin Hart

We were featured on the Breakfast Club!

We’ve sold 200,000 copies of our comics.

  • Launched the BSP Comics app, the first black webtoon app in the world.
  • 200,000 copies sold.
  • 14 published titles.
  • 2 million raised in capital.
  • Hundreds of thousands of fans online.

What is Black Sands?

In a time of gods and legends, four royal children with superpowers embark on an adventure to prove their ability to rule as kings and queens, while undermining the secret plans of the great and powerful Sumerian god Marduk!

Audience: Adult animation fans, Ancient Aliens fans, Ancient Mythology/Culture fans, and Chuuni anime/manga fans.

Why you should BACK THIS PROJECT

The reason is quite simple. You do not want to be a consumer anymore. Right now, all the major black intellectual properties out there are 100% owned by corporate entities that do not represent the communities they sell to.

You buy Black Panther and the money leaves the community. You want your kids to have strong positive images but they should not be curated by Hollywood. You don’t want 200 films about slavery in the last 35 years but ZERO films about African civilizations.

This is a cultural phenomenon and it is time to take our stand. Join today!