$1 raised out of $65,000

Remaking the movie that we made on YouTube. Please check it out in the link below/


Original Movie link https://youtu.be/xFKLLqD7UkQ <<This is what we are going to remake.

       The original movie was made with only two people, a Sony handycam, a tripod, a budget of around $100, and whatever we already had lying around. We are not professional actors or really even actors at all. We had no boom mic, lighting, or any other professional equipment. Overall the movie took us about three years to make from script to the final product.

         So now we come to ask for help from the community on Kickstarter to help us raise the funds to make the best possible version of this movie. We would like to be able to hire people with better equipment and actor/actresses. We are also going to rewrite the script to make it feel more natural and we would love to hear your suggestions on the script or whatever!

Thanks so much!