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BRiSK WORKS is removing barriers that stand in the way of people connecting with opportunity and opportunity finding people…FAST.


BRiSK WORKS: A New, Innovative Approach to Job Boards

A job board that connects the job seeker to work that fulfills them.

BRiSK Works is an innovative new approach to finding a job AND finding the right applicant for your job. Traditional job boards bring back unimpressive results and confusing user experience on both sides of the job search. Companies are often hit with high and hidden fees, only to be let down with the resulting candidates. Candidates are overwhelmed and have a hard time finding the RIGHT job for them. It’s hard for everyone.

We’ve changed that.

In a nutshell – the mission of BRiSK is to better connect the job seeker to work that fulfills them. A job board and resume database that is FREE for companies to list their open positions, as well as provide other business services that they need from a central portal/profile.

How did BRiSK WORKS start? I’m glad you asked…

BRiSK was originally founded to provide a platform that would promote and support the lean and efficient operations of our affiliate company, Dental Temps Staffing Solutions (DTSS), LLC.  After developing BRiSK Ops 1.0, BRiSK turned to some of the nation’s leading job board/resume databases to supply us with candidates. In short, after receiving unimpressive results and a poor user experience, we realized a change was drastically needed, so we developed our own solution.

Benefits of BRiSK Works:

  • Free job postings for employers
  • No hidden surcharges or fees
  • BRiSK MATCH: a powerful matching tool to provide instantaneous and accurate matching of candidates, based on job requirements and on a scale from highest likelihood to lowest
  • Video Content: Upload personalized, high definition videos to enhance the messaging and communication for both candidates and employers
  • Networking Tools: enhanced opportunities to connect with employers and candidates
  • Targeted Advertising Available

BRiSK WORKS is designed to be the most advanced job board/resume database on the market, as well as the leading on-demand staffing platform designed to support a gig economy, as well as a business services marketplace that will support entrepreneurs and small-to-medium businesses.