$1 raised out of $110,000

Here at joseph innovation we are team of individuals that are looking to create the world’s greatest hair brush !


Our mission for this kick starter is to acquire the initial capital and interest to jumpstart our patented Brush2Wavy as the next leading product for those with naturally short hair and facial hair. This revolutionary tool is a hair-grooming wave brush! Our story began when a little boy with short/thick hair, who dreaded his hair getting brushed by his mom, as it was an often-painful process. This boy grew up to be our founding member, Gregory Joseph, a United States Air-Force veteran, and life-long tinkerer. He sought to fix this issue by creating an automatic spin-brush that easily brings the natural Wavy pattern to thick, short and/or course hair, efficiently and painlessly! Gregory and his little brother, Reginald, saw this venture as not only an innovative tool, but a new staple for those seeking to create waves in a bold and artistic way .Together, this dynamic brother duo has set off to create the next must-have in black hair care, and with your help, this dream can become a reality!

We are raising fund to help us with the production of our patented Brush2Wavy wave brush. We have a design and manufacturer in place. We, The Joseph Brothers, want to revolutionize black hair care, and make the cultural staple of obtaining waves more accessible. It is known in many communities to be an arduous task, with many hours dedicated repeatedly brushing the hair, manually, with many products, and even days of wearing specialized head coverings to achieve the look. Brush2Wavy seeks to make this process not only more efficient, but fun, and effortless! Combined with our crafted hair pomade, achieving that crucial Wavy look will now belong to the masses! Investing in this project will allow those interested in becoming a part of history. Please contact us if you would like more information on how to become a Primary Investor.

Take your standard hair grooming to the next level with Brush2Wavy! Please view out Suggested Directions below:

the offical brush2wavy logo

1. The first step is preparing your hair, which is crucial in obtaining the best results.

Address any scalp issues. A healthy scalp lends to healthy hair. Issues such as heavy dandruff can decrease the optimal appearance of your waves. Please view this non-affiliated link from the American Academy of Dermatology for everyday scalp care

· https://www.aad.org/public/everyday-care/hair-scalp-care/scalp

2.  Next, complete your close-cropped (but not bald) haircut

3. Experience our Brush2Wavy spin brush! Our automatic wave brush comes in 3 speeds; slow, medium or fast. Press the power button once for the slow setting, twice for medium, three times for fast, and a fourth push will shut the unit off

· Suggested usage Instructions

· To start, Place the bristles of the brush on top of your hair, near the midline, with the logo facing forward. Now, brush towards the forehead using your preferred speed.. To groom the sides, brush towards the angle of your chin . Lastly, for the back of the head, brush against the direction of the rotating bristles, with the logo facing down..

· Most users see wave results within 10 minutes of use, depending on varying factors (hair texture, products used, preferred brush speed, etc).

· Continual use of our innovative spinning will train your hair to create the best wave pattern!