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A step by step tutorial including everything you need to know on how to build your dream house. Watch me build mine by hand!


Hey there! Thanks for your interest! I’m James Roth project creator. I’m going to build my dream house by hand! learn how to do it yourself! 

I’ll start with my inspiration.

As a kid I was always interested in construction, more specifically I loved the idea of building a house. Bob the builder was my favorite show, and my parents loved House Hunters from HGTV. I even tried to build my own mini house one day… to say the least I was a curious kid. Years later I discovered a Youtube video of some guy building a log cabin with his bare hands and a chainsaw. The video was mesmerizing, but I found it was missing something. I wanted more! I want to know how, who, what, where, how much, ect. I’ve always been interested in building a house, and I’ve finally hit the point where I’m ready to do so!

I’ll be honest, I had no clue of where to even start. After months of research and weekly contact with my older cousin, who is a contractor that builds houses for a living I am ready to begin my journey! 

I decided to film the build and create a fully informative but just as entertaining as a “House Hunters” type of documentary. Not only will the house hunter love this film, the curious, the hands on, and the generally interested will be just as entertained. The two hour documentary will film the entire build, have all of the necessary steps included, show the beauty of the house and area around, and the plus version will include inside tips and tricks for building your own dream house. Watch it to enjoy or watch it to learn. This exclusive documentary is the perfect gift for the handy man or the house hunting dreamer! View the rewards to support my project and help me bring you this experience! 

Making a high quality documentary will take a lot of work. There is a massive amount of editing and recording to be done and the equipment required to capture it the right way will be costly. My friends at Bumble Media are eager to help out. All the tools and materials to make this a reality will be costly, but well worth the price! With your help, I can do it professionally and make a great documentary that can be shared with everyone! Ready to see how a house is built?

Thanks again,