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Oct 18, 2021
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Nov 09, 2021

Six friends, the camping trip of a lifetime, and a creature that doesn’t want them there…


Beautiful beautiful humans – we thank you for being here and for supporting independent filmmaking!

First and foremost we all know how important film is (it’s about all most of us buried ourselves in during the past year and a half+). The escapism can sometimes be the best thing for us in the middle of all the madness outside of our windows.

So we want to make a horror creature feature! What happens when the laws of nature are tampered with? How much damage can human recklessness cause? What are the ramifications?

It’s no secret how costly it is to make a movie. Our budget is modest in comparison to the multitude of projects getting made…but it is still expensive! Where does all the money we are hoping to raise go?

A monster movie is only as good as its monster – help us make an awesome practical creature suit (the suit that is used on set, as opposed to being created in post production – a HUGE way to save money!) as well as adding in some fantastic visual effects! Oh, and of course – lots of fake blood!

We hope to shoot at some great locations: the beach, the woods, underwater (!), and a few secret, undisclosed places. These places will be characters in and of themselves in the movie. Not only do we need to get the cast and crew there, but we need permits, lodging, generators, and more!

We want to use gear that captures the essence of the film – great cameras, lenses, lighting, and oh so much more that can help us attain the desired effect…and it can get quite expensive, either to own or rent!


We’d sure love for everyone to get paid for their hard work (actors, directors, cinematographers, visual effects artists, grips, gaffers, assistant directors, sound mixers, colorists, set designers, editors, composers, lighting technicians, casting directors, and the real MVPs: production assistants – not unreasonable right?


We have to eat. Food makes actors and crew happy. Happy people make better movies!


The more accurate and scene specific props that we can get our hands on, the better the story can be told. Not to mention it’ll look realistic and great!

COVID – you know the drill, who doesn’t love a good nasal swab? Everyone’s safety is of paramount importance…and that takes money. As per SAG rules we will conduct testing, have protective equipment and supplies, and implement cleaning procedures to help keep the cast, crew, and locations as safe as they can be!

Everyone involved agrees that great music and  an awesome score make the movie that much better. While many of us are a lot of things (actors, writers, producers, etc.), we aren’t musicians or composers. A well placed track or song at the right moment can elevate a scene – and getting these songs/composers aren’t cheap and music licensing is a beast!

Once we finish shooting, the hard work begins with post production – getting the sound perfect, editing that will have you jumping out of your seat, creating a color tone appropriate to the mood, and giving our composer the freedom to make their magic! This stage in filmmaking can make or break a film and it is worth every penny we can throw at it!

Once the film is complete and “in the can,” we want to get it out to the world! Film festival entries add up (each entry averaging $85-$110), but that is the best way for the movie to gain traction, get the word out, and hopefully attract the attention of a distributor for theatrical release and/or streaming platforms! It would be even better for the project if we could attend and promote the movie! Hotels, possible flights or gas, and food while we try to get the buzz going could be monumental for the film’s success!

Last but not least – all monies raised via crowdfunding are taxable, have transaction fees, and a  portion goes to indiegogo for hosting. This signifigant chunk has been budgeted into our overall goal.

Thank you SO much for making it this far and for your support!! Please share and tell everyone you know – your dentist, your pets, your mail carrier, your first/second/third cousin, your very rich uncle…e v e r y o n e!