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Jul 08, 2022
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Aug 08, 2022

Camp Pleasant Lake is a slasher horror film shooting 8/29/22 – Scream meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


Let the slaying begin!  Join us on the set of Camp Pleasant Lake horror slasher film shooting 8/29/22 in Los Angeles!

On Halloween weekend, 20 years ago at Camp Pleasant Lake, little Echo Meadows was kidnapped, and her parents were brutally murdered. In the aftermath, the camp was shut down and left abandoned. Now 20 years later, an enterprising couple, the Rutherford’s, have purchased the property and turned it into a horror camp. The theme for their grand opening is “CAMP OF TERROR”, where with the help of the counselors, who were the little campers 20 years earlier, they will be retelling and reliving the brutal murders. For an exorbitant sum, adults can come and witness the events that unfolded that fateful night. To lure in the new clientele, the Rutherford’s have been spreading a rumor that Echo comes back every year to get her revenge, and anyone who gets in her way, camper or counselor, is collateral damage. On the opening night, the counselors start turning up dead. Are the murders all part of the show? Or has the real Echo Meadows escaped her captor to close the curtain on this bloody tale?

We just finished principle photography of Devil’s Knight medieval fantasy film in Texas last month. The movie stars Kevin Sorbo, Angie Everhart, Eric Roberts and Daniel Baldwin.  A teaser will be released in two weeks and the movie will be released in late 2023!

Below is the teaser for Death Count starring Michael Madsen and Costas Mandylor.  The movie is being released by Gravitas Ventures on July 19th, 2022 (In two weeks from now)

Here is the first teaser for Bermuda Island movie.  We finish post production in four weeks and start shopping the film for distribution.  It will be released in early to mid 2023 world-wide!


Here is the first teaser for Arena Wars starring Michael Madsen, Robert LaSardo, Eric Roberts and John Wells.  We just wrapped production in June of 2021.  The movie will be in post-production for a year or so.  



Below is the trailer for Night of the Tommyknockers western horror film.  Editing has been completed and we are shopping the film for distribution.  The movie will be released in early 2023! 



Below is the trailer for Attack of the Unknown starring Richard Grieco, Robert LaSardo and Tara Reid.  It’s now available on all major VOD platforms and on Blu-ray!  It was released in over 22 countries on a deal with Fox Network Asia.  Sony Pictures in Germany is about to release the movie as well. 

Check out these great reviews of Attack of the Unknown!



Here is the trailer for Bloodthirst starring Costas Mandylor, Robert LaSardo and Tara Reid.  The movie got a Lionsgate deal and will be released later this year in 2022.  We are just waiting for the release date from Lionsgate.  

Here is the teaser for Bridge of the Doomed zombie film.  The movie has finally been completed in post-production and we are shopping it for distribution.  The movie will be released in early 2023!


Bridge of the Doomed was featured on the front page of InkTip Magazine! 

Below is the trailer for Art of the Dead starring Jessica Morris, Tara Reid and Richard Grieco.  Walmart picked up over 16,000 copies of the film.  It was well received by the critics!

Below is the trailer for Bus Party to Hell starring Tara Reid. The movie got in over 18,500 redbox locations around the United States.  It was very well received in the horror community and became a cult classic!  It’s also available on EPIX network and Paramount+.  It was also picked up by the Horror Channel in the UK.