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Create and run 5E adventures that crackle with rich lore, dark plots, and glorious NPCs! A homebrewer’s guide to better fantasy cities.


From Lankhmar to Minas Tirith, from Waterdeep to Zobeck and on to King’s Landing, cities and towns have always played a pivotal role in fantasy games and stories. 

Campaign Builder: Cities & Towns provides a complete toolkit to create, expand, and enhance the cities and towns in your 5th Edition game, whether you are running an established setting or working with an original or homebrew setting. From guilds to temples, and from useful NPCs to wild tables of plots and rumors, Campaign Builder: Cities & Towns strengthens and expands your game’s world immediately.

In addition to the Campaign Builder hardcover and PDF editions, this Kickstarter will fund the creation of the Cities & Towns Map Folio of 10 wet/dry-erase battle maps (each a hefty 24 inches by 36 inches in size) as well as a Roll20 VTT edition for digital play that includes those maps and all the monsters and NPCs (included with all pledges at no extra charge!). This last element marks the first time Roll20 has made it possible to offer a “buy the book, get the Roll20 version included free”—so you don’t pay twice for the same content in different formats!

Sample pages (click to download)

 You can download an unedited sample Campaign Builder Preview PDF containing part of the city-building chapter on guild design and showing the general look and feel of the book.  

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The products created by this Kickstarter (including the hardcover book, the map folio, and Shard and Fantasy Grounds VTT) are also available as add-ons. 

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Once we hit our minimum funding level, we will expand the project with stretch goals. With each stretch goal, we will add to the project: more maps, more NPCs, and even more more tables for the city development charts.  

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As always, Kobold Press brings together an experienced team of game designers, artists, editors, and others to turn an idea into a powerful tabletop resource. The core design team includes Richard Green, Sarah Madsen, Sebastian Rombach, and Tim Hitchcock, with additional contributions by Benjamin Eastman, Brian Suskind, Jeff Lee, and Victoria Jaczko, among others. 

The project’s lead editor is Scott Gable, and the cover artist is Lie Setiawan, with the limited edition cover by Addison Rankin. The cartographers include both the amazing Jon Pintar and the stunning Tommi Salama, and the interior artists include Marcel Mercado, Bryan Syme, Egil Thompson, Julian Hellwig, Kyle Patterson, Margarita Bourkova, and other favorites.