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Campside is a refreshing new app offering social experiences to explorers and adventurers. 


Welcome To Campside Social!

My name is Nick Sarro and I’m the founder of Campside Social – I am a full-time camper living on the road in my Winnebago Minnie! Earlier this year I began noticing just how disconnected other campers can be at campgrounds… For example one day I was walking through Fontainebleau State Park Campground and noticed two older men playing different instruments and I thought “It’s too bad there’s no way for campers to connect easier” and that’s when I had the idea for Campside Social! 

What is Campside Social For The Camper: With Campside you’ll be able to connect with other campers at your campground. Create, plan, and attend unlimited recreational activities; fireside chats, hiking, biking, etc. Campside popup shops allow you to sell or purchase handmade crafts or pre-owned camping supplies from other campers at your campground, Share your adventures with friends you meet along the way, and find and explore new campgrounds across the country and so much more! 

What is Campside Social For The Campground: With Campside we give the power of creating a powerful online camping community to the Campground! Campground Owners create/manage their campground page filling it full of helpful information for campers (website, phone, email, directions, photos, reviews & more!) – A Social Feed builds as campers post new content every day, AND THE BEST PART? The Campground Camp Store! Each Campground can open a Camp Store offering supplies, food, drinks, clothing, and more to campers for Front Desk Pickup or Campside Delivery! Opening A Brand New Door of Revenue for Campgrounds! 

Why Do I Need Your Help? 

I need your help raising funds so we can begin to get our app in front of Campground Owners and Campers! 

The easy part is done – The App Is Live! 

The hard part is ahead of us – Marketing it to the world! 

Your support will also allow us to build more advanced features into Campside Social! Features we think will help both Campers & Campgrounds for the better!