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The CitiBike of College Campuses!



There are approximately 20 million undergraduates in America alone. As students, problems we see often are that while there are a couple of ways to get to class, it might not be available for all. Not everyone can afford to buy a car, and parking passes can be tricky. Especially if you live off-campus, you might not have a bus stop nearby, and you might have to walk a while. If you are near campus dorms, busses run every 20 minutes, but not always according to class times. This same problem applies to the gym too – even if you want to work out, it can be far our you can’t find time in your schedule.


Our solution is to introduce CampusBike – the CitiBike of college campuses. For off-campus housing, we will provide bikes near you. For on-campus housing, we will have bikes near most dorms. This is cost-efficient, allows you to go to class on time, skip the bus wait, incorporate daily exercise, and allows you the flexibility to park at your nearest bike stand.

Our Team: 

As students who experience these problems ourselves, we want to make traveling to class a fun experience! Our team consists of dedicated students with various educational backgrounds: neuroscience, entrepreneurship marketing, and fashion merchandising. Currently, we are taking a course in user-centered research methods for Entrepreneurship. In this class, we are learning to ask people for immediate feedback on our posts and analyze what would be the best way to promote our venture: CampusBike. 

Santha Rani, Senior Neuroscience Major with Certificates in Entrepreneurship
  •  Main Problem: Far from most classes and the bus wait
Kamylin Padgham, Sophomore Fashion Merchandising Major
  • Main Problem: Expensive Parking Passes and the bus wait

Julian Wahl, Junior Marketing Major

  • Main Problem: Finding time to exercise outside of a busy schedule

Target Audience:

  • College Students
  • Parents of College Students
  • University Board Members

Unique Values:

We are providing students a faculty with an easy and cost-efficient alternative with CampusBike. They will not have to worry about finding a parking spot for their car or even paying for lots that are still far from class; no need to wait for the bus; and an easy way to incorporate exercise on the way to class.


  • One time: $0.10/min
  • Weekly: $15
  • Monthly: $40 

Fundraising Goal:


  • Business Registration & Licensing 
  • App Cost
  • Cost for Bikes
  • Social Media Ads
  • Website
  • Labor
  • MISC

When we reach our fundraising goal, we plan to file for an LLC and other business registrations, pay for the app, buy 100 bikes to start, pay for social media ads and pay to maintain a website with our domain name, hire an app developer and pay the founding team, and work with universities to bring these bikes to their campuses. 

Customer Validation:

  • Interview

-Assumption: College students want to incorporate more exercise into their daily routine.

-Assumption: Parking passes are too expensive

-Ask students if they want to exercise more or less

-Ask students if they think parking passes are too expensive to be a practical option

  • Survey

-Assumption: College students are displeased with parking options on campus.

-Ask students to fill out a Google Form with year, where they park, price, and satisfaction rate

Solution Validation:

  • Prototype

-Assumption: Waiting for the bus takes too long.

-Ask students to let us know how long they wait for the bus

-Then give them a bike and have them text us when they reach their next destination and compare that to when the bus would arrive to the nearest stop of their location

Bike Design: