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Dec 12, 2020
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Jan 11, 2021

Hard enamel pins featuring wild and domestic cats and dogs… and foxes!


Canines vs. Felines is an enamel pin collection featuring eighty unique animal pins with multiple colorways. By supporting this campaign, you’ll get your paws on adorable enamel pins featuring your favorite wild or domestic felines and canines… and foxes!

This collection features 1.75″ hard enamel pins.

All of the pins in this campaign have these features.

 The pins from this campaign will impress you:

  • 1.75″ Hard Enamel
  • Black Nickel Plated
  • An “Official Fursona Pins” Backstamp
  • Our custom rubber pin back accessory–little black paws.
  • A 2.5″ x 2.5″ backing card themed after the campaign.

Who will you vote for? Canines or Felines?

Not only will you get adorable enamel pins to show off your favorite cats and dogs, but you’ll also get a Backer-exclusive link to CaninesVsFelines.com, where you’ll be able to vote for Canines or Felines. Why? Because we need to know who wins, of course! And who better to choose than the backers?

Watch the vote in real time throughout the campaign, and recruit other backers so they can use their vote for your team too!

Who We Are

Fursona Pins proudly brings you high quality enamel pins.

Our previous Kickstarter campaign, Pride Pins, was the most funded enamel pin Kickstarter in history, raising $249,610 by its 5,304 amazing backers. Over thirty thousand pins were delivered to customers who backed the campaign!

We’ve been planning our new campaign, Canines vs. Felines, over the last year and a half. We’re so excited to share with you the animal pins we’ve designed for pet lovers and animal fans across the globe. 

When you back Canines vs. Felines or purchase anything from Fursona Pins, you can confidently know you’re purchasing from a BIPOC- and LGBT-owned business.

It’s time to let the backers decide–canines or felines?

Let’s begin!

The Pins

This campaign features eighty beautiful animals in the categories of wild and domestic canines and felines… and foxes! We’re on the path to $40,000 — that’s when all the basic animals unlock and we move onto variant color stretch goals! 

Did you know… you pledge now, but you don’t pay until the end?

Pledge for all the pins you want at the end of the campaign, especially if you want Early Bird prices. Kickstarter doesn’t charge you until the campaign ends. Even if the pins you want haven’t unlocked yet, pledging your full desired amount will help push the campaign toward unlocking those pins.

Grey Wolf – Unlocks at $500

The Gray Wolf is our first goal, and unlocks at $500!

Arctic Wolf – Unlocks at $1000

The Arctic Wolf is our second goal, and unlocks at $1,000!

Lion – Unlocks at $1500

The Lion is our third goal, and unlocks at $1,500!

Tiger – Unlocks at $2,000

The Tiger is our fourth goal, and unlocks at $2,000!

Yellow Lab – Unlocks at $2,500

The Yellow Lab is our fifth goal, and unlocks at $2,500!

Pitbull – Unlocks at $3,000

The Pitbull is our sixth goal, and unlocks at $3,000!

Ragdoll – Unlocks at $3,500

The Ragdoll is our seventh goal, and unlocks at $3,500!

Persian – Unlocks at $4,000

The Persian is our eighth goal, and unlocks at $4,000!

Red Fox – Unlocks at $4,500

The Red Fox isour ninth goal, and unlocks at $4,500!

Fennec Fox – Unlocks at $5,000

The Fennec Fox is our tenth goal, and unlocks at $5,000!

Coyote – Unlocks at $5500

The Coyote is our eleventh goal, and unlocks at $5,500!

Black Backed Jackal – Unlocks at $6,000

The Black Backed Jackal is our twelfth goal, and unlocks at $6,000!

Lioness – Unlocks at $6500

The Lioness is our thirteenth goal, and unlocks at $6,500!

Clouded Leopard – Unlocks at $7,000

The Clouded Leopard is our fourteenth goal, and unlocks at $7,000!

German Shepherd – Unlocks at $7,500!

The German Shepherd is our fifteenth goal, and unlocks at $7,500!

Golden Retriever – Unlocks at $8,000

The Golden Retriever is our sixteenth goal, and unlocks at $8,000!

Sphynx – Unlocks at $8,500

The Sphynx is our seventeenth goal, and unlocks at $8,500!

Siamese – Unlocks at $9,000

The Siamese is our eighteenth goal, and unlocks at $9,000!

Arctic Fox – Unlocks at $9500

The Arctic Fox is our nineteenth goal, and unlocks at $9,500!

Silver Fox – Unlocks at $10,000

The Silver Fox is our twentieth goal, and unlocks at $10,000!

Maned Wolf – Unlocks at $10,500

The Maned Wolf is our twenty-first goal, and unlocks at $10,500!

Dhole – Unlocks at $11,000

The Dhole is our twenty-second goal, and unlocks at $11,000!

Caracal – Unlocks at $11,500

The Caracal is our twenty-third goal, and unlocks at $11,500!

Cheetah – Unlocks at $12,000

The Cheetah is our twenty-fourth goal, and unlocks at $12,000!

Beagle – Unlocks at $12,500

The Beagle is our twenty-fifth goal, and unlocks at $12,500!

Poodle – Unlocks at $13,000

The Poodle is our twenty-sixth goal, and unlocks at $13,000!

Abyssinian – Unlocks at $13,500

The Abyssinian is our twenty-seventh goal, and unlocks at $13,500!

Orange Tabby – Unlocks at $14,000

The Orange Tabby is our twenty-eighth goal, and unlocks at $14,000!

Maine Coon – Unlocks at $14,500

The Maine Coon is our twenty-ninth goal, and unlocks at $14,500!

Bat Eared Fox – Unlocks at $15,000

The Bat-Eared Fox is our thirtieth goal, and unlocks at $15,000!

Tibetan Sand Fox – Unlocks at $15,500

The Tibetan Sand Fox is our thirty-first goal, and unlocks at $15,500!

African Wild Dog – Unlocks at $16,000

The African Wild Dog is our thirty-second goal, and unlocks at $16,000!

Florida Black Wolf – Unlocks at $16,500

The Florida Black Wolf is our thirty-third goal, and unlocks at $16,500!

Lynx – Unlocks at $17,000

The Eurasian Lynx is our thirty-fourth goal, and unlocks at $17,000!

Jaguar – Unlocks at $17,500

The Jaguar is our thirty-fifth goal, and unlocks at $17,500!

French Bulldog – Unlocks at $18,000

The French Bulldog is our thirty-sixth goal, and unlocks at $18,000!

Rottweiler – Unlocks at $18,500

The Rottweiler is our thirty-seventh goal, and unlocks at $18,500!

Scottish Fold – Unlocks at $19,000

The Scottish Fold is our thirty-eighth goal, and unlocks at $19,000!

Munchkin – Unlocks at $19,500

The Munchkin is our thirty-ninth goal, and unlocks at $19,500!

Gray Fox – Unlocks at $20,000

The Gray Fox is our fortieth goal, and unlocks at $20,000!

Cross Fox – Unlocks at $20,500

The Cross Fox is our forty-first goal, and unlocks at $20,500!

Red Wolf – Unlocks at $21,000

The Red Wolf is our forty-second goal, and unlocks at $21,000!

Dingo – Unlocks at $21,500

The Dingo is our forty-third goal, and unlocks at $21,500!

Ocelot – Unlocks at $22,000

The Ocelot is our forty-fourth goal, and unlocks at $22,000!

Leopard – Unlocks at $22,500

The Leopard is our forty-fifth goal, and unlocks at $22,500!

Yorkshire Terrier – Unlocks at $23,000

The Yorkshire Terrier is our forty-sixth goal, and unlocks at $23,000!

Dachshund – Unlocks at $23,500

The Dachshund is our forty-seventh goal, and unlocks at $23,500!

Tuxedo – Unlocks at $24,000

The Tuxedo is our forty-eighth goal, and unlocks at $24,000!

Black Cat – Unlocks at $24,500

The Black Cat is our forty-ninth goal, and unlocks at $24,500!

Rueppell’s Fox – Unlocks at $25,000

The Rueppell’s Fox is our fiftieth goal, and unlocks at $25,000!

Corsac Fox – Unlocks at $25,500

The Corsac Fox is our fifty-first goal, and unlocks at $25,500!

Cougar – Unlocks at $26,000

The Cougar is our fifty-second goal, and unlocks at $26,000!

Sand Cat – Unlocks at $26,500!

The Sand Cat is our fifty-third goal, and unlocks at $26,500!

Shiba Inu – Unlocks at $27,000

The Shiba Inu is our fifty-fourth goal, and unlocks at $27,000!

German Shorthair Pointer – Unlocks at $27,500

The German Shorthair Pointer is our fifty-fifth goal, and unlocks at $27,500!

Russian Blue – Unlocks at $28,000

The Russian Blue is our fifty-sixth goal, and unlocks at $28,000!

Bengal – Unlocks at $28,500

The Bengal is our fifty-seventh goal, and unlocks at $28,500!

Swift Fox – Unlocks at $29,000

The Swift Fox is our fifty-eighth goal, and unlocks at $29,000!

Marbled Fox – Unlocks at $29,500

The Marbled Fox is our fifty-ninth goal, and unlocks at $29,500!

Snow Leopard – Unlocks at $30,000

The Snow Leopard is our sixtieth goal, and unlocks at $30,000!

Serval – Unlocks at $30,500

The Serval is our sixty-first goal, and unlocks at $30,500!

Chihuahua – Unlocks at $31,000

The Chihuahua is our sixty-second goal, and unlocks at $31,000!

Husky – Unlocks at $31,500

The Husky is our sixty-third goal, and unlocks at $31,500!

Calico – Unlocks at $32,000

The Calico is our sixty-fourth goal, and unlocks at $32,000!

Gray Tabby – Unlocks at $32,500

The Gray Tabby is our sixty-fifth goal, and unlocks at $32,500!

Crab Eating Fox – Unlocks at $33,000

The Crab Eating Fox is our sixty-sixth goal, and unlocks at $33,000!

Culpeo Fox – Unlocks at $33,500

The Culpeo Fox is our sixty-seventh goal, and unlocks at $33,500!

Dark Brown Tabby – Unlocks at $34,000

The Dark Brown Tabby is our sixty-eighth goal, and unlocks at $34,000!

Pug – Unlocks at $34,500

The Pug is our sixty-ninth goal, and unlocks at $34,500!

Australian Shepherd – Unlocks at $35,000

The Australian Shepherd is our seventieth goal, and unlocks at $35,000!

Doberman – Unlocks at $35,500

The Doberman is our seventy-first goal, and unlocks at $35,500!

Island Fox – Unlocks at $36,000

The Island Fox is our seventy-second goal, and unlocks at $36,000!

Darwin’s Fox – Unlocks at $36,500

The Darwin’s Fox is our seventy-third goal, and unlocks at $36,500!

Pomeranian – Unlocks at $37,000

The Pomeranian is our seventy-fourth goal, and unlocks at $37,000!

Border Collie – Unlocks at $37,500

The Border Collie is our seventy-fifth goal, and unlocks at $37,500!

Corgi – Unlocks at $38,000

The Corgi is our seventy-sixth goal, and unlocks at $38,000!

Ethiopian Wolf – Unlocks at $38,500

The Ethiopian Wolf is our seventy-seventh goal, and unlocks at $38,500!

Pallas Cat – Unlocks at $39,000

The Pallas Cat is our seventy-eighth goal, and unlocks at $39,000!

Lykoi – Unlocks at $39,500

The Lykoi is our seventy-ninth goal, and unlocks at $39,500!

Greyhound – Unlocks at $40,000

The Greyhound is our eightieth and final main campaign goal, and unlocks at $40,000!

Stretch Goals

After the eighty bases in our main campaign unlock, we’re excited to offer stretch goals that involve making fun variants of our bases! Continue on and see what we have to offer as the campaign continues.

Grey Wolf Variants – Unlock at $41,000
Coyote Variants – $44,000
Jackal Variant – $45,000
African Wild Dog Variant – $46,000
Dingo Variants – $48,000
Lion Variants – $50,000
Tiger Variants – $52,000
Lionness Variants – $54,000
Clouded Leopard Variant – $55,000
Caracal Variant – $61,000
King Cheetah Variant – $62,000
Lynx Variants – $64,000
Jaguar Variants – $66,000
Leopard Variants – $68,000
Cougar Variant – $69,000
Serval Variant – $70,000

 More variants will be revealed if these are unlocked!

Sponsor A Species
Sponsor a Species – $1000

You can sponsor a species to show up in this campaign! By sponsoring a species, you’ll ensure your favorite cat, dog, or fox breed is available to all Backers to enjoy*. 

The following rules apply:

  • The breed must be an extant species of canid (subfamily Caninae) or feline (family Felidae)
  • The sponsored species may have up to two colorations, and each must be a real-life coloration of that animal, or a natural coloration (eg: albino, leucistic, melanistic, etc.)
  • Each coloration is limited to 8 colors each, and should use the same mold.

Sponsors receive 250 copies of their sponsored species’ pins for their own use. If ordering two different colorations for their species, they receive 125 copies of each.

How to order:

  • Contact Fursona Pins via Kickstarter (or any other method) to ensure the species you’d like to sponsor is approved. Include the coloration(s) you’d like made.
  • Upon approval, add $1,000 to your pledge.
  • You will get a colored sketch for approval, and if it looks good, it’ll be added to the campaign!

*Note: Sponsored Species’ availability after the campaign is over is dependent on a successful transaction from the sponsor. If the sponsor does not complete their payment, the species will not show up as a selectable option.


We have some freebies to unlock along the way! Take a look at what you could get in your package if we reach the goal and you opt-in!

Mega Pin OPT-IN $100,000 Stretch Goal

If we reach $100,000, every customer receiving a package from Canines vs Felines can opt-in to receiving this mega pin (3.0″ hard enamel) featuring out cat mascot (Jax), our fox mascot (YCH), and our canine mascot (Byte).

More freebies will unlock after this one — including lanyards, stickers, and more!

Thank you!

 Thank you for your support of our campaign! Fursona Pins hopes to continue bringing the enamel pin and furry communities the best pins we can!

A note to international customers:

Please be advised that when ordering online, your country will charge you import taxes to bring your pledge rewards into your country. These taxes are your responsibility, and you should consult your local post office if you need help estimating how much you’ll need to pay.