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The software that generates personalized, monetization-focused mobile platforms for artists and bands in the music industry.


Our objective – Who we are

CelebVue is a software created to generate personal, monetization-focused mobile platforms specifically for artists and bands in the music industry. The software does the heavy lifting when it comes to coding so we can offer each app at NO COST and deliver them to the app stores within days. While developing the software, monetization was top of mind. We wanted to integrate multiple income generating services into each platform. Scroll down to see what each app looks like. 

CelebVue is a direct-to-consumer product which allows artists to get paid directly for any revenue generated on the app. We didn’t want smaller artists to miss out on this opportunity, so we worked meticulously to create a business model that allows each app to be delivered free of cost to every artist. Music is a community. 

What is the problem?

On average, 12% of revenue generated in the music industry is paid to artists.

 – Rolling Stone.

We want to make a shift in the industry. 

Why does this problem matter to us? 

Every single person on our team has been involved in the music industry in one way or another. Managers, artists, touring staff and label representatives. We have all seen the way artists make money and believe there are better, more creative ways to supplement the income for these creators.

Example Platform

We have uploaded our first platform as an example and would be honored for you to take a look! 

Download Link —>> CelebVue 

Product overview

Music Page

The Music Page is the section of the platform where artists link fans to streaming platforms. This is also the page where artists can upload unreleased songs or demos, an added incentive for fans to download the app. 

Tour Page

The Tour Page is where artists can list upcoming tour dates and ticket buying links

Exclusive Content Page

The Exclusive Content Page is where artists can upload images and videos that are blurred until purchased. Artists are encouraged to post content fans can not get anywhere else. Creativity can be rewarding!  

Personalized Video Messages Page

Fans can request personalized video messages from their favorite artists on this page. Artist sets a standard price and can decide to accept the request or not. After completing and delivering the video the revenue is sent to artist. 

LiveVue – Pay-per-view live-streaming

Our one-of-a-kind pay-per-view live-streaming platform is called LiveVue. Once the artist schedules and sets a price, all of their fans receive a notification inviting them to purchase access. Once the LiveVue ends, the money generated is sent to the artist. 

Merch Page

The Merch Page is set up so that artist’s can run an in-app ecommerce store. They also have the option to link fans to an existing webstore. 

Socials Page

The Socials Page redirects fans to the artists various social media accounts.  


Taking away live events, even temporarily, has changed the music industry forever. It’s part of the reason we have put the pedal to the metal on this project. Giving artists any  boost of income is necessary right now. We want to aid in the push to give artists creative income opportunities. 

Why is this better than existing options?

Currently, the average complex app costs between $25,000 and $40,000 and takes 6 months to develop. Very few artists in the world have the means to pay for the development of their own mobile platform. 

There are services like Cameo.com and Onlyfans.com (We support both!) that are aiming to shift power directly to creators. It’s going to be an industry effort.

Rather than a profile among other profiles, our platforms are specifically made for one artist. Fans have already showed interest by downloading the app, these are the perfect candidates for purchases. Additionally, we have multiple income channels within each platform and plan on adding more as the company grows. We are going to become THE place for artists and fans to enjoy the benefits of exclusive experiences. 

All we need is you.

Music is a community and it’s going to take a group effort to raise the necessary capital to fund all of our developments and growth. We want to help as many artists as we can. Your contribution gets us a step closer to making this a reality.

Please connect with us for questions or ideas! Email – Letstalk@celebvue.com

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our company!