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Oct 15, 2020
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Nov 15, 2020

At long last, the age old question will be answered: If they fought, who would win?



Cereal Killaz is a classic 2D fighting game featuring thinly-veiled characters from all your favourite breakfast cereals! Fast-paced and colorful, it’s easy to pick up but with enough tactical depth to satisfy even the most hardcore fans of the genre.

Our current aim is to secure enough funding to make a fully playable demo version of the game, a chance for players to experience for themselves how the final product will feel and play. We plan to include two characters with full move-sets, artwork and backstory.


Obsessed with discovering the secret to eternal life, the nefarious Dr K has spent decades tinkering with human and animal DNA in his secret laboratory. Now the results of his previous experiments are threatening to come back to bite him in a frighteningly literal way…

Now, from his private island of Waki Waki, he invites a selection of supernatural warriors and his own failed experiments to compete in a fighting tournament for a prize that none of them can refuse. 





“You might wanna buckle in, things are about to get Grrrrr-uesome!

Terror T was a GI during the last days of the Vietnam War. Mortally wounded, he was placed in the care of the notorious Dr K and revived using the DNA of a Sumatran tiger and the doctor’s “Secret Recipe,” gaining the beast-like characteristics of a Tiger in the process.

Don’t let his bulky stature fool you, he’s a precise heavy hitter who can fire off a flurry of fist and claw-based attacks to shred his enemies to pieces. And just like a tiger, he knows how to draw in his prey for the kill…

Gameplay: Terror T will have a rush down play style so make sure to utilize his tools to get in on your opponent’s and overwhelm them with pressure! Once you’re in you’ll have to commit so make sure you have a plan of attack!



“The day you cross Mclucky, is the day you’r luck runs out.”

When the fairy folk left Ireland, they refused to take the murderous McLucky with them, cursing him instead to wander the realm of man forever. Now the only way he can gain enough power to open a doorway to the otherworld is by defeating powerful rivals and imprisoning their souls within the many grisly ‘charms’ he carries about his person.

Mclucky likes to keep his distance. Using the magical abilities of his charms, he focuses on projectile based assaults to throw his enemies off guard before closing in for the finishing blow!

Gameplay: McLucky will have a zoning play style easily keeping his opponents out but he knows how to put on the pressure. Make sure to utilize his long range normals appropriately but be careful that randomly throwing out attacks can result in big punishes!


Will there be more characters in the future?

While the Demo will initially focus on Terror T and Mclucky, should we meet our stretch goals, we’ll be able to implement even more characters getting us closer to a full build of the game!​



*Not Final Design

Cereal Killaz will have 4 button system which is Light, Medium, & Heavy attack, along with a “skill” button. For the demo, this will be a 1v1 style fighting game that will play similarly to the versus series. Meaning lots of chain combos on the ground and air. Each character will have a variety of special moves and supers for all kinds of crazy combos.

The Demo will only focus on localized play, however online play is planned for a potential full game release.

Our Demo will also feature: 

  • 2 player localized VS experience,
  • A brief tutorial story mode unique to both Terry and McLucky (as well as stretch goal characters if those goals are met.)
  • A special bonus stage vs the endurable punching box Training Oates!


    Gameplay Mechanics:

    Skill/Technique Button: A skill button is a mechanic that will add something unique to a character. These skills can give a character a boost in damage, a new attack, or an extra move to help them maneuver around in a match.

    Throws: Each character will have a forward and back throw. This is something most of you should be familiar with!

    Special Moves: Each character will have a variety of special attacks integrated in their move-set. Enhanced versions of a special move will cost half a bar of meter.

    Super Moves: Each character will have a level 1 super(s) and level 3 super.

    Break -Fast: This is a mechanic that is used in tough situations. If you are feeling the pressure and want your opponent to get off you, spend 1 bar of meter to push them off.  If they really annoy you spend 2 bars of meter to push them off and follow up with a full combo!

    *Names Not finalized


Cereal Killaz is being developed by a team of industry professionals whose long-standing passion for fighting games and breakfast foods has led them to collaborate on making the game of their dreams!

Mikhail “Mythallica” Sebastian 

Project Lead

ROLE: Creator/Creative Director

COMBAT STYLE: Defensive Long-range, Offensive Close Range



BREAKFAST OF CHOICE: Eggs, Oatmeal and Toast! Or, a good protein shake.

BIO: Mikhail Sebastian is an Illustrator Animator and and Glyph Award Winning published author with an undergraduates in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design. He’s who’s done work for The Los Angeles Clippers, Carl Jones, Universal Pictures, Noir Caesar and the United States Census Department just to name a few. While he’s contributed to the visions of many great minds, it is his own ideas that he has committed his time, effort and resources towards the most.

WEBSITE: https://www.mythallica.com/

Michel Mony 


ROLE: Programmer and stuff

COMBAT STYLE: Langschwert




BIO: Michel is a freelance game developer credited on over 100 projects to date. He has worked with Ubisoft, Riot Games, Capcom, Hasbro, Sony, and many more, in various capacities ranging from Producer, Designer and Programmer.

WEBSITE: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelmony/



Andrew “Hien” Rattanakongkham

Lead Animator


ROLE: Lead Animator & Gameplay designer


SPECIAL MOVE: Fire Footwork

FAVORITE FIGHTER: Ryu from Street Fighter

BREAKFAST OF CHOICE: He doesn’t eat breakfast…(Strange one)

BIO: Andrew is a freelance artist who has worked heavily in pixel art animations under a variety of projects and games. His love of fighting games has ushered his passion straight into the creative force that drives our visceral animations.

WEBSITE: https://www.artstation.com/xhienx


Corey Rivera 

Background Artist

ROLE: Background Artist and UI Design


SPECIAL MOVE: Suck and Cuck

FAVORITE FIGHTER: King K. Rool (SSB5 2018)

BREAKFAST OF CHOICE: Pancakes and Bacon

BIO: Corey is a freelance illustrator recent graduate from Scad. Indie games and animations fuel his inspiration in character design and background art to create illustrations lively in color and design.

WEBSITE: https://www.crivera.net/ 





SPECIAL MOVE: Feign Injury

FAVORITE FIGHTER: Blanka from Street Fighter 2


BIO: Lee is a writer and narrative designer with many years of experience, having previously worked on titles published by Ubisoft, Devolver Digital and Choice of Games among others.

WEBSITE: https://www.leewilliams.eu/ 



Walking into this project, we knew we had one and one goal only: TO MAKE THE GAME. We’ve seen countless campaigns falter from biting off more than they could chew. Our Goal is simple: To create a fully functional demo that we can shop to potential publishers for a full game in the future. Should we receive the funds to produce a full build ourselves, then that’s exactly what we’ll do. The game is the goal! TLDR: If you help us fund this project, we WILL make this game. Simple as that!



*Physical Items: We know you want them, and as awesome as many of the physical items we have planned are, the current global situation would only further complicate the process of making this game. Which is our main priority. We’ve instead created a batch of Digital Rewards completely exclusive to the backers of this campaign that we fill will peak your interest all the same! The Estimated dates attached to the perks ONLY apply to the digital deliverables (OST, Digital Artbook, Digital Comic Book, Wallpapers etc) Dates for build releases will be announced at a later date.




Risks & Challenges


Some risks involved have been mentioned by the community prior to the launch of this campaign. While cease & desist letters are certainly possible, we are confident that our project meets the criteria for protection under Section 107 of the US Copy right law and thus is protected under satirical fair use. However, we know that this won’t prevent potential threats from being made. We’ve reached out to a trademark lawyer to assist us with any and all legal processes that could arise in the future. We understand the real risk of C&D threats, so if a situation arises to where changes to our characters will need to be made, that also means we’d have to change their animations from the ground up. We are prepared to tackle any situations should they arise.

The main risk involved in making Cereal Killaz would be the potential of conflicting schedules due to the adverse effects of the current global pandemic. Our team is small and dedicated however, we are all fulltime workers in our designated careers. While that will not inhibit the overall production of the game, it could occasionally affect our working schedules. The more successful the campaign however, the more time our team would be able to dedicate to the game (in most of our cases, even making it our full-time job), which would help reduce scheduling conflicts. There’s always the risk of something unexpected and outside of our control slowing the development of the game, but such possibilities become remote once Mythallica Inc. has funding to work with.