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Charger that cuts the power once the cellphone is fully charge. This charger extends the battery lifetime of the cellphones


We Deserve a Healthy Smartphone Battery

Each year millions of people leave their smartphones charging more time that wast is needed. This starts slowly killing the battery of the smartphone and each day it lasts less time. 

Charge Hero is a project to create a charger that will help people protect the batteries of their smartphones

The charger cuts the power once the smartphone is fully charge,  protecting the battery of your smartphone. 

The Smartphone Charging Evolution

Charge Hero is the most inteligent charger in the world because automatically shuts off power completely once fully charged so you don’t have to unplug. It spares your device from battery killers like heat and mini-charging-cycles, extending battery life with healthier battery and longer-lasting charges.

In addition it has awesome futures like;

1)Touch-screen awaken

2)Intelligent cut off power,

3)Overheat protection

4)Overload protection.

Maximize the Smartphone Battery Life

How Does it works?

Many people leave their smartphones charging for extended periods of time. When this happens a regular charger will cause elevated temperature and mini-charging-cycles. This will  damagw the battery capacity and will shorten the battery life.

Charge Hero is created with an inteligent auto power off 5v 2.1a that shuts off charging circuit completely once battery is full. Your smartphone wont be charged until its plugged in again

Becoming Ecofrendly 

The world faces the worst crisis related to global warming. Much of the carbon dioxide is emitted by the burning of fossil fuels that are used to produce energy.

 The energy wasted in Mexico because people dont umplug their chargers could supply 60,000 homes a year.

Charge Hero has committed to help the fight against global warming and by using it you are not only increasing the life of your smartphone battery, you are also saving energy and protecting our planet. 

Why Did WE Create Charge Hero

Every smartphone company always says the time that the battery should last but how many times we have seen that is not true and the battery of the smartphone lasts less time that what the company told us?

Samsung says umplug once the charge is complete 

Apple says remove certain cases during charging

But this is not always posible and thats why we created Charge Hero. Its easy to use and once the smartphone is fully charge it cuts the power protecting your smartphone batteries. 

See it By Yourself 

Our prototype charger cuts the power once the smartphone is fully charge.

We Need Your Help

We have been working on this project for a lot of time and we believe we can make the diference in the world. We have designed the prouct but we need help to manufactured but we can’t go any further without the support from you!

With you support we will be able to start production and start revolutioning the chargers all around the world. 

With your support you will be able to increase the battery lifetime of your smartphone and fight global warming. Pledge now and help millions of people around the world that are suffering because their smartphone batterie doesn’t lasts enough.