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Biodegradable pet waste bags. Made with cornstarch, they contribute with our envioremental duty of resposabibly dispose pet’s waste.


Who are we?

The family of Le Kake is born as a project among friends who have the objective of creating a unique and ingenius design for a daily use article, something that is useful and  and that reduces our enviromental impact in our every day activities.

8 rolls with 20 bags each, 160 bags in total per box.

Le Kake is a mexican design of pet waste bag, this is a different dispose item because does not pollute the enviroment! Our bag is made with cornstarch wich makes it compostable in H2O and CO2, does not generate toxic wastes and contributes in the elimination of plastic use!

What do we do?

We are currently manufacturing our bags in Mexico, because we want to find a responsable way to continue developing our duty with our enviroment. We can do many things, and one of those includes our fluffy friends. Traditional plastic waste bags take up to 400 years to disolve, because they are made with non degradable materials. 

Every time we take a walk with our dog we might find ourselfs in a poopy situation

Le Kake is a project based on the catch phrase “sharing is caring.” When we spend time with our pets we are bonding, we are sharing and we, Le Kake family, we do care! Caring is part of our contribution to reduce the pollution generated by our daily activities and being responsable in the use of the products that we have.

Say good bye to plastic and say hello to a a eco-friendly perk for a very important chore: picking up our doggo’s poop. 

Join us!

Right now we want to create a bigger network of people to continue with this project. At the present time, we are manufacturing this mexican design for pet’s waste, we are looking to introduce our product very soon in the market for sale. Our goal is to to make our business grow, to have a bigger family and commit with the enviroment. To achieve our objective we need a vast group of people who would like to join us in this venture.


We have different rewards for your contribution, it all depens on you. How would you like to help our project? 

Check out the rewards for your contribution to this project, here at Kickstarter, this prices for our product will be only available in this plataform, this is a special introductory price.

Only for our Kickstater family!!!!

We have created a special box, we like to call it the SUPER ULTRA BOX PRIME and this is a limited edition, only available for the new family members that contribute through this plataform KICKSTARTER!  

Our goal is to collect the capital to finance our ongoing production, likewise reach more people with our original design. We believe in our bussines and we care about our enviroment. This is how we do it, and we want you to be part of this too!