$80,000 raised out of $1,000,000
Start date
Nov 12, 2020
Close date
Feb 15, 2021

The freedom to move in inner cities. Cycling with a TESLA feeling.

600 KEUR preorders & 360 KEUR in grant matching & co-financing needed


CityQ – Imagine your next car being an e-Bike!

CityQ offers the first Car-e-Bike – a new type of ebike with the benefits of a micro car. Although regulated as a bike to drive and park anywhere, driving CityQ gives the feeling more like an electric car – with built-in car technology like a Tesla. The eBike has replaced chain and gear with software, enabling the user to get automated upgrades and repair via web and connectivity.

With its modular cargo or family mode, CityQ is offering the freedom of transport in inner city from food deliveries, city services, to commuters, urban families or mature citizens:

  • Green and quicker in traffic than car
  • You can drive and park the vehicle anytime anywhere
  • Low purchase cost through modular, lean production
  • Flexible price models for the user through subscription and sharing models
  • Electrification (use of a new e-drive system) lowering service issues and cost
  • Can switch quickly between personal transport or last mile delivery
  • Can include a digital platform to enable connectivity, tracking, fleet management and rental

As most cities are imposing restrictions upon car traffic, urban corporates and citizens turn to e-Bikes and e-Scooters for their urban transport. And increasingly so during COVID times. Among the fastest growing type of eBikes are the family- and cargo eBikes. This includes 3-4-wheel eBikes for transport of children and light cargo like city services and “pizza & food” delivery. CityQ hits the nerve of the time.

However, cycling in bad weather and winter season is a major obstacle. In addition to weather, safety and lack of space are concerns. And increasingly also maintenance and issues with mechanical parts like chain and gears, becomes a barrier. CityQ solves these problems.

CityQ has already got pilot customer and preorders in Europe and US. The business model will include direct sales via web, licensing and in particular subscriptions to allow affordable access to consumers, commercial customers and mobility as a service provider.

“If Tesla or BMW ever plan to make a future Car e-Bike – they might want to make a CityQ”