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A portable Golf Ball Washer


Clean Flight Golf   –   Personal Golf Ball Washer 

Golf is our passion!

Did you know that a golf ball with dimples flies twice as far as a non-dimpled ball and follows a truer putting line?   This is why a clean golf ball performs better in the air and on the ground.

Recently, golf courses have removed golf ball washers in an effort to reduce the spread of viruses.  The team at Clean Flight Golf have the perfect solution to this problem. Introducing the revolutionary personal golf ball washer CLEAN FLIGHT

The hexagon shaped shell adds functionality to it’s performance and a smart look to it’s design.   With a hexagon shape the design team was able to move the brushes closer to the ball for the best result, and variable size brushes allow the ball to turn inside the plunger seat for a more even cleaning.  

Because the washer is portable it is designed to be with you throughout your game, whenever you need it.   Show off to your friends by letting them try it.  

Includes clips, towel and anti bacterial soap.  

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Creating a better golfing experience not only requires proper equipment but a passion for the game itself and a commitment to playing better.

The Clean Flight Golf team is committed to provide today’s golfer with the most technically advanced equipment in-hand to achieve the optimal golf experience, which we believe begins with a fresh clean golf ball.

Instructions in the box:

After removing the washer from the box, go ahead and unscrew the cap, lift and pull the plunger out of the washer.

With the plunger out add in 3 or 4 drops of our anti-bacterial soap (included) and then roughly, half fill the washer with fresh water.  Place the plunger into the washer track and tighten firmly to keep the water in. Careful not to overtighten. The brushes are not removable.

Clip the towel to one side and the other side to your bag. Also fits into most cart cup holders. Unscrew the cap, lift and place your ball into the plunger seat.

Now the magic begins…. Plunge away! Four or five plunges for average dirt, but for nasty ones we recommend plunge till clean! After the game, rinse out and shake to remove excess water before re-capping. Book your next tee time!


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We are working hard to make this a reality for the coming golf season, and are relying on our Kickstarter golfer and non-golfer fans to make this happen.  Consider buying two.  One for you and another for a friend.   Tell your foursome to jump on this now so you will all be ready to show them off together.   We really want to get the units manufactured and delivered on time for everyone.   Who wouldn’t like this attached to their bag or golf cart?  

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