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Clean the air you breathe. 3x more effective UVC air purifier that’s safe to use while in the room.


Clean-tech UVC Air Purifier



We started Clean-tech on a mission to protect the people and spaces we love, so we can all get back to life. We partnered with global pioneers in science, research, engineering, and manufacturing to bring this technology to life.

Clean-tech UVC Air Purifier


Clean-tech UVC Air Purifier

Re-open businesses, provide employee safety, and prevent putting people at risk.

Clean-tech UVC Air Purifier

Provide customers with the comfort and confidence to enter shared environments.

Clean-tech UVC Air Purifier

Keep your home safe, even when it’s become a classroom or boardroom.

Clean-tech is designed to sanitize the air around you, while you’re there. Unlike UV-C solutions found in hospitals, or other UV-C devices that can damage your eyes and skin – everything happens inside the device. There’s absolutely zero light leak, so it’s safe for your loved ones to co-workers.

Revolutionary design for maximum air exposure to UV-C light. The longer the air is exposed to UV-C light, the more cleaning power. That’s why our engineers created a vertical chamber to slow down the air and increase dosage time. The result? An industry leading 75% product height to UV-C light ratio while in the chamber.


Clean-tech UVC Air Purifier

Clean-tech uses an ultra powerful and high efficiency 254 nm UVC wavelength bulb that provides the right intensity, dose and duration that’s needed to inactivate and destroy the outer proteins of microorganisms. (see FDA article here).


Filters that collect or trap particles and dust rather than destroying them. Airborne particles are much smaller than droplets and can linger in the air for longer. Air currents can also carry them longer distances.  

Invisible to the eye, there are harmful particles suspended in the air. These airborne particles cannot be removed with hand sanitizers and masks.  


Access the 9/16/2020 Lab Result 1

Access the 9/16/2020 Lab Result 2

 HEPA and UVC light technology has been a trusted technology for air purification from hospitals to airports for decades. Recent UVC break-throughs in manufacturing have made it possible for high quality UVC bulbs to enter the consumer market. Clean-tech’s 2-Stage air purification rethinks the fundamentals by focusing on maximum UVC exposure time rather than just collecting pollution and maximizing air volume. 


Stage 1

Full room air purification begins with a HEPA 10 air filter removing larger particles and allergens to optimize the UVC effectiveness. Large particles will block the UVC light rays from deactivating microorganisms. This first stage is critical to cycling and purifying air at scale.

Stage 2

Air flows into the purifying chamber coated with ReflectTech mirror coating the optimal 360 degree equidistance from the bulb for a amplified UVC dosage at extremely high intensity. The mirror coating both reduces particles from adhering to the side of the chamber, but bounces and focuses the UVC 254μm wave length into the chamber. All air flowing through the device is sterilized.



It’s used on Airplanes, Bus Terminals, and other Public Spaces. It cleans better than chemicals without damaging fabrics. The FDA (link to article) confirms that UV-C light at 254 nm is a trusted technology that is effective at inactivating microorganisms.


Our unique ReflectTech mirror coating when applied to stainless steel increases the reflectiveness by 30%. This means that the UV-C light is magnified inside of the sterilizing chamber.  The widened chamber slows down the air flow while exposing particles to maximum UV dosage. The coating also prevents particles from attaching to the sides of the chamber.

UVC light has been a proven cleaning technology trusted by hospitals, airports, bus terminals, and other public spaces. In fact, it cleans better than chemicals that damage fabrics. Safely sanitize the air around you with medical grade ultraviolet light that destroys microorganisms at the molecular level.

The ultraviolet rays destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in the cells of microorganisms. 

Within the ultraviolet light, wavelengths known as UV-C, from 200 to 280 nanometers (nm) have been shown to be the most effective for disinfection. Reference: ies.org


“Why Spend $10’s of Thousands to Retrofit your Office when you can Buy Clean-tech’s UVC Air Purifier unit?”

– Dr. Lee (Southern California based Dentist)


“That’s why we offer UV hospital grade filtration, it’s something safe so you can feel comfortable”

– Super 73 Showroom Team

Feel safe when waiting at the dentist or doctors office. Clean-tech is one of the first devices to provide medical grade UVC air purification when people are in the same room safely. 

Lobbies & Waiting Rooms

Retail Stores

Clean-tech UVC Air Purifier

Coffee Shops 

Gyms & Fitness Centers​


Working sample unboxing

Clean-tech is ready to be manufactured and shipped immediately.   

Clean-tech UVC Air Purifier


24W 254nm UVC Bulb

Mode 1 – Full Power: 58 decibel rating

Mode 2 – Low Power: 45 decibel rating

Replaceable HEPA filters will be available to be purchased directly through clean-tech.co

HEPA filters will last between 6-12 months depending on usage