$2,970 raised out of $965,238
Start date
May 26, 2022
Close date
Jul 26, 2022

A synergy of research and data


Short Summary

  • A synergy of research, data, creativity, and technology. Legado Council assists businesses, Industries, Entrepreneurs, and Organizations to build Strategies, Systems, Policies, Economy, and Ideas.
  • It is important for the change, transformation and to build door of opportunities to avoid conventional methods. This organization have expertise in digital transformation to make things and work transparent, controllable and measurable along with the policies that is needed to implement for the better use of all stakeholders. 
  • Contributors can help us to improve socio economic change, which could be helpful to initiate shared economy and data economy. 


What We Need & What You Get

  • Funding we need to initiate that project is about one million pound or euros to establish the trendsetter community organization to support government organizations, business and industries to transform conventional work into digitization.  
  • By funding that campaign helps us to built a socio economic culture, data governance to improvise the system, methods, way of work and it helps us to build the  social change and building community.
  • Funds will be use as per need to initiate the program and to achieve the targets and goals. We have audacity to believe that achieving goals is a big goal for us.  

The Impact

  • This program will help communities, business, individuals to grow, to utilise shared economy concept, helps them to create opportunities.
  • We are corporate based think tank helps incubators, Entrepreneurs and potential startup’s to grow and worked with top notch business and organizations.
  • It have a huge impact on society, conventional methods, people to empower and grow.

Risks & Challenges

  • Our determination, consistency and self belief urge us to take risk and challenges the  conventional old methods.
  • We need to take permissions from some of government organizations and our government relations team in on it the way we can make it win win for mutual growth in a long run.