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Barbell weightlifting equipment


The Story behind COOBRA

Bodybuilding equipment has not changed radically throughout the years. The tools are usually not ergonomic, for instance, meaning they can strain the joints which can ultimately lead to permanent damage to your body. “We wanted to bring something radical to the arena of weight-lifting equipment. Something that’s never been seen or experienced before,” says founder, Hassouneh, and elaborates “What led us to the discovery of the COOBRA-bar was years of frustration with conventional gym equipment.”

 The COOBRA-bar – the basics: 

• An innovative robust training-bar that spares the wrists, elbows and joints • Turns your workout more effective and less strenuous • A patented and innovative design that ensures that pressure is removed from your joints, as you lift the weighted bar, making it possible to add more weight than usual • Easily suited for both fitness centers and at home 

“The COOBRA-bar is specifically designed to provide an ergonomic and safe training experience compared to conventional training bars.”

 “We’ve tested the equipment with experienced athletes, and the feedback has been overwhelming,” says Hassouneh. As part of the extensive testing process, a group of experienced athletes, both men and women in different age groups, tested the COOBRA-bar as part of their extensive training routine. The result has been a better, and more playful, training experience combined with minimal stress on the wrists and elbows. The feedback ranges from experienced fitness trainers to ordinary users. “The COOBRA-bar is a game-changer for  everyday training,” says fitness-trainer Jean Mbe and continues “it can replace several bars which is really amazing.” Another user, Lone Hauerbarch, a female CEO who loves to work out but struggle with joint pain said, “I just tried the COOBRA-bar for the first time, and it is amazing because I often have problems with my wrist…” 

The rotation gives me the possibility to go heavier than I normally would with a straight bar.” — Fitness Trainer Jean Mbe

 A robust technology you can trust The rotation-centered technology allows you to become more intimate with your workout, as you can customize it to your needs. “Look at the rotation technology right here,” says fitness-trainer Jean Mbe and demonstrates, “This allows me to go up and down and dictate how I like my wrist to be, not like a straight bar where my wrist is at the same position. The rotation gives me the possibility to go heavier than I normally would with a straight bar.” With the COOBRA-bar you do not have to adapt to a training bar, the training bar will adapt to your movements.


• Designed in Denmark • Length 120 cm (app. 4 ft.) • Weight 11 kg. (app. 20 lbs.) You can easily add more weight to cater to your individual training needs. 


Danish craftmanship is renowned around the globe. And the COOBRA-bar is a result of an innovative, robust design with a minimalistic look and feel. Crafted by premium-grade aluminum, the design is both innovative and easy to use. The COOBRA-bar is also designed to be used both at the gym or at home. Usually, home fitness equipment do not meet the standards of a professional exercise gym. The COOBRA-bar, on the other hand, is of a premium quality and trusted by professionals. This means you can experience a professional work-out in the comfort of your own home.