$276 raised out of $50,000

Help make sure your favorite Wichita Falls makerspace is here for good.


As a former teacher who is passionate about process based learning, my vision when CrashWorks opened in October of 2018 was to provide a space where the community could come together to create, learn and grow in an open ended, fun and educational environment.

Over the past two years, We’ve been host to thousands of field trip attendees, hundreds of families, and proven ourselves to be just what our community never knew it always needed.

We entered 2020 with BIG dreams of how we could continue to serve our community, grow, and expand…but, like so many other businesses, those dreams were cut short in March with the onset of Covid-19.

Our desire has always been to bring hands-on, creative exploration to learners of all ages, but, despite all of our adaptations and creative thinking, nothing can take the place of the real life CrashWorks experience.

So, if we want to be here when all of this is over, we need your help.To continue servicing the community with our one of a kind educational experiences – we’re turning to you, our Crashworks family.

We are asking you to partner with us and to take advantage of these exclusive, once in a lifetime offers-and help us remain a staple in the community.

For your support, we are giving out amazing deals on our memberships, exclusive experiences, private parties and so much more.

We want to sincerely thank you for your support over the past two years, and with your assistance now, we hope to serve you for decades to come.