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A magnetic ring to help hold your cell phone more securely.


How to Size your ring: Small Medium or Large

Sizing Chart

Sizing Chart – Choice of Small Medium or Large

Who we are

As an award winning design consultancy we work with manufacturers around the world to bring our client’s products to market.

Ring Styles & Colors

Clockwise from left to right: Modern Metal Chrome / Red Plastic Center with Gray Rubber Overmold / Modern Metal Black / White Plastic Center with Charcoal Gray Rubber Overmold – NOTE: The one, two and three “bars” on the rubber rings or the “raised bumps” on the metal alloy rings denote size; small medium & large.


The Bikini Ring is hand made from a quality metal alloy with a Sterling Silver finish. The elegant design houses our larger neodymium magnet offering a secure grip of your phone.

BIKINI Ring – The Video below shows the prototype of the Bikini Ring.  It is Sterling Silver Plated.  The screw is not part of the design!  

Many testers found it most comforable to wear on your Middle Finger – But you can wear it on any finger or order all 3 sizes for your own unique experience!

Order all 3 sizes for your own unique experience!

Prop up your phone to text or watch a video.

Prop your phone for texting
Prop your phone to watch a video

Metal Plate Install

TESTING cell phone connectivity with metal plate and magnet

Additional TESTING on-line and in the marketplace

We tested the metal plate and magnet for a period of 5 months and found no interference issues. In addition to our testing, there are Magnetic Mount products for your Car that have been on the market for several years. And check out the URL of a “YouTuber” trying to destroy his phone with neodymium magnets. His magnet is much stronger than ours and he had NO interference issues! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNMc-nCUwwk

Red Plastic with Gray Rubber Overmold

Red Plastic center for easy wearing with Gray Rubber overmold outside. 3 red bars represents LARGE size.

White Plastic with Charcoal Gray Rubber Overmold

White Plastic center for easy wearing with Charcoal Gray overmold outside. 3 white bars represents LARGE size.

Chrome METAL Ring

The Chrome plated metal Ring is a solid durable design.

Black Metal Ring

Black plated (similar to Chrome plating) Metal Ring. Solid, durable design.